We are pleased to announce our new and (much) improved App Showcase page where we will flaunt your Corona creations. Basically, we want your apps and games to be as widely seen and downloaded as possible. So, if you make something particularly awesome, submit to us and we’ll put it on the page!

Also, we will now be holding a running contest on the Showcase page. Each week, we will select a submitted app to be the App of the Week, which will win you top promo on the Showcase page (and our Twitter and Facebook pages) and a free 3-month extension to your Corona subscription!

It doesn’t stop there — every four weeks, we will choose from the weekly winners an App of the Month winner who will get another free 3 months (so, 6 months total) tacked onto their Corona subscription. Given our past discount offers, a lot of you have the potential to get some pretty hefty ROI out of Corona! (we’ll also throw in additional, unannounced prizes as we come across them)

The App of the Week/Month contest will be an ongoing thing from now on, so we’ll always be around to make sure you get a deserving reward for creating an exceptional app.

So, head on over to the new Showcase page below and submit your apps and games after you’re done polishing them up — you just might win yourself a nice gift for the holidays! 😉

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