App of the Week (December 6, 2010): Zombies Ala Mode

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For our first-ever App/Game of the Week, we have chosen Zombies Ala Mode.

Zombies Ala Mode stood out to us as one of the most well-rounded games we’ve seen from our Corona community. Its gameplay makes effective use of the iPhone’s tilt and tap functions while also featuring impeccable in-game artwork and music.

We’ll be the first admit that many games submitted to us have similarly awesome gameplay, graphics, and sound. But what separated Zombies Ala Mode from the rest of the pack was its storyline. The in-game storyline kept us glued to our iPhones and continue playing, even after the initial “fun factor” of learning the gameplay wore off. It may be a small and simple part of the overall development process, but Ala Mode’s storyline — casting you as a young, ice-cream shucking zombie — creates a more immersive sense of gameplay. It really makes you want to see the game to the end, and avoid the sad-faced “Game Over” screen!

The cherry on top of Ala Mode is OpenFeint integration, which will let you compare your high score to ice-cream scoopers worldwide. This only further adds to the game’s overall addictive gameplay, sure to give it a very long shelf life on your iDevice. All in all, Zombies Ala Mode is an extremely well-rounded game with top-notch execution on all fronts: controls, graphics, sound, and even scriptwriting.

For their accomplishment, Ala Mode creators Crawlspace Games will get an additional 3 months tacked onto their Corona subscription. Looks like they’re the ones to beat so far for the App/Game of the Month title, coming in a few short weeks!

Congrats to Crawlspace, and a job well done to all of the developers who have submitted apps and games so far.

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  1. J. A. Whye says:

    Nice job, Crawl Space! I decided to guy buy a copy after seeing this here because, after all, you can never have too many games or too many zombies!


  2. cmontesino says:


  3. Hima says:

    Love the new update! Now I can finally use spritesheet for both iPhone3 and iPhone4!
    Thank you for listening to the developers, Corona team ^ ^

  4. Purchased a copy to play on the train home. 😉

  5. Brock says:

    The iPad HD version is out now too!