It wouldn’t be very polite of us to throw a bunch of new features at you without at least showing you how to use some of them! 😉

So, Evan has put together this quick demonstration of how you can add Google Maps to your app using just one line of code. The video also shows how to easily utilize map markers, position lookup, address lookup, and other geo-location features in your Corona-made apps…

…So, what feature would you like to see a tutorial for next?

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  1. Facebook! How about you show us how to replicate functionality of the old sample to have a game post a prepared message to the user wall, that was destroyed with the new update? Having people type up their old messages it’s really not the way to go for games (for some apps sure, but not games).

  2. I doubt they kept that functionality. According to Facebook terms everything posted to the newsfeed MUST be user posted (I was just trying to do when using facebook login on my site).

    There is workarounds, but since it’s against their terms it may not be a good idea.

  3. I tried exactly whats in the video and it doesnt work, any suggestions onw hat i may be doing wrong? or does my version matter?

  4. One quick question, I see “Maps not supported in Corona Simulator”

    So that means I MUST use iOS or Android DEVICE to test out my code during development process, I don’t know about iOS, but for Android, I need to build an .apk and upload to my Android device every time to debug and to see the features I coded.

    It adds up to a huge amount of time in this code -> upload -> debug loop, while the reason I choose to develop with corona is to leverage the agility of Corona.

    Is there a better way to do it?


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