There’s a question that’s been asked many times over in our forums, e-mails, and at gatherings:  Can Corona SDK create a game similar to Angry Birds, and how easy is it to do? Without a doubt, our answer has always been a solid “yes!”

Then, the next question has been “Can I see a demo?”


We’ve never had a demo of an Angrysomething to show off the power of Corona. One day, the team and I were bouncing ideas on how to make a simple Angry-anything demo to ship with in our disk image to show off Corona. Then, it dawned on us — we have some outstanding developers using Corona, we should ask them to “surprise us” with one!

Well, our good friend Jonathan Beebe and his wife Biffy (Beebe Games, collectively!) answered our call, and the request was very simple: Here is Angry Birds — can you clone it in Corona, but give it a twist?

After just 36 hours (that’s right, hours!) from our initial sit-down to talk about the game, Jonathan came back to me and asked, “Is this what you had in mind?”  We were blown away — and I hope you are too — by how simple and fast the game that the Beebes made is, and by how simple Corona SDK made its development process. I had to ask Jonathan twice if he was serious about doing the sample app in 36 hours, including graphics and gameplay.

So, for all of our users, we have made the source code for Beebe GamesGhost vs. Monsters available on GitHub. Just click the button below.

Download it from GitHub

Also, you can check out a quick little demo video of the sample app below:

  1. Hello,

    I am reading the source code and in file “mainmenu.lua”, the lines 118 and 119 have same code “ofBtn.isActive = false”.
    Maybe this is an error.


  2. And *this* is why Corona SDK is so awesome. Not just for the framework, but also the developers/community that surrounds it.

    Very nice present and thanks to both Ansca Mobile and Beebe Games!


  3. Thanks for your comments everyone, I hope you enjoy Ghosts vs. Monsters and learn from it!

    And yes, special thanks to Ricardo Rauber for his Director Class which undoubtedly shaved off some time when it came to handling screen transitions :-)

  4. It’s probably just me but I simply can’t get the downloaded version of Ghosts vs Monsters to get past the ‘loading’ screen as I end up with the following error:

    Runtime error
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/mainmenu.lua:39: attempt to index global ‘audio’ (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    [C]: ?
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/mainmenu.lua:39: in function ‘new’
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/director.lua:118: in function ‘loadScene’
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/director.lua:413: in function ‘changeScene’
    …nrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/loadmainmenu.lua:30: in function ‘_listener’
    ?: in function
    ?: in function
    Runtime error
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/director.lua:137: bad argument #-2 to ‘insert’ (Proxy expected, got nil)
    stack traceback:
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function ‘insert’
    …bryanrieger/Desktop/Ghosts vs. Monsters/director.lua:137: in function ‘_listener’
    ?: in function
    ?: in function

  5. Hi Bryan,

    Make sure you’re using the latest version of Corona. The first error refers to an ‘audio’ value that is nil, which makes me think it’s not finding the new audio API which is only available in the latest version of Corona.

    You can find out which version you have by clicking Corona Simulator > About Corona Simulator…

    The latest is: Version 2010.243 (2010.12.2)

    Or, just download it now to make sure you have the latest.


  6. I’m running the lastest corona sdk 2011.377 and i get the director.lua : bad argument #-2 to ‘insert’ (Proxy expected, got nil)

    have they broken something?


  7. I dont get why in mainmenu.lua

    ghostAnimation() –> calls animUp –> calls ghostAnimation

    then it will be a forever loop???

  8. @peter @bryce

    the best place to get feedback on issues like this is in our forums.

    i encourage you to go in and either start a new thread or see if there is an existing thread.



  9. >@peter @bryce

    >the best place to get feedback on issues like this is in our forums.

    >i encourage you to go in and either start a new thread or see if there is an existing thread.

    yeah hi carlos

    i would post in those locations you list but i’m not a paid subscriber as i’m evaluating the product before we buy.
    At the moment the 377 build breaks the code. When will you guys be releasing the next evaluation build so we can get back into it?


  10. Hi Hetal
    i must be missing something, after loging in i only see one forum

    Corona SDK Community Forums
    new post folder
    New Users Start Here

    and i also get this message
    “You are not allowed to post new content in the forum.”.

    When i enter the forum to post a message.

    So errr, no i cant post anything – which i also admit is quite surprising (what have i forgotten to do?)

    But, does know when the next version of the the evaluation version will be available?


  11. Hi: I’m new to Corona, and love the fact that there is such a great community resource!

    I downloaded this open source app (Thank You Jonathan!) and am trying to learn Corona as I go and make it into a simple kids game I’d like to put up for free. Anyway, is there a way to remove the OpenFeint code?

    For little kids, I just want them to enjoy the game without this added section. If anyone can provide instructions on how to remove or “hide” the openfeint images, that would be helpful.

    All the best!

  12. Hello! this project is great and it has been very helpful but i’m having some trouble with some modifications i’m trying to make. I replaced the old director class used in this project with the new version that allows parameters to be passed through the changeScene function, because i want to use that functionality. The problem is that when i replace the class, the HUD stops working properly. Instead of being fixed at the same position on screen it gets stuck to the scene’s background, so when you throw the ghost you stop seeing your lives and score as the scene moves. I’ve tryied to figure out what the problem could be but i haven’t been successful… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Heya Guys Just wondering what the code for the trail behind the projected object is,
    would like to use and chance the code slightly.

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