Picking this week’s App of the Week was no easy endeavor (and, judging by the increasingly quality turnout each week, it will only get more difficult to choose!). In the final round, we had it narrowed down to several top-notch apps — and the eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race ultimately won out!

Rabbit and Turtle is a children’s book for iPad, with subtle animations and hidden interactive gems that make it stand out from the pack. (we’re not the only ones who feel that way — Apple does too!)  With educational apps, there always seems to be a fine balance to maintain between creating something that’s fun for kids and worthwhile for their learning at the same time. Rabbit and Turtle certainly achieves that noble task!

The eBook gives you a choice between having the story read out loud to you with text or without text — the first option being great for school-aged kids, and the latter for smaller children. On top of that, little nuances like the rhyming meter of the narration and the crisply drawn illustrations show that creators Unicorn Labs took the time to make something that young children effectively could learn from and also enjoy. Lastly — and this is a biggie for us — the storyline of the entire book was what kept us reading until the end.

Like we mentioned in our previous App of the Week winner’s announcement, storylines give your games a sense of direction and purpose. Rabbit and Turtle’s combination of a storyline with an excellent overall sense of usefulness (a must for any top-notch app) was what took the cake this week. This is an app that can be used to help your rookie school-goer learn how to read, or teach an even younger one some great life lessons.

Applause for Unicorn Labs! For winning this week’s App of the Week title, they will receive 3 extra months of Corona SDK subscription for free — which would be just enough time for them to make another eBook! 😉

It’s also worth noting once again that the pool of apps this past week was exceptionally high in quality. You (our users) keep raising the bar on mobile apps at increasingly faster rates, and we’re having lots of fun keeping up with you!

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