App of the Week (December 19, 2010): Holidazed

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The last weekend before Christmas usually is anything but easy and relaxing. Any attempt to leave your home during the day is met with air-tight traffic and relentless crowds. Getting that last, seemingly insignificant item on your shopping list can turn into an unexpected endeavor, as most store shelves are picked dry by now with no sign of restock till after New Year’s. Basically, it’s your last chance at knocking out everything on your checklist in order to ensure a perfect end to the holiday season.

Perhaps it is this frenzied mood of the pre-Christmas rush that compelled us to choose Holidazed as this week’s Game of the Week!

Holidazed was created by reallyMedia. The game casts you in the role of an elf who has fallen from Santa’s sleigh while ol’ St. Nick dashes onward across a city skyline. As you run behind it, the sleigh begins to unwittingly drop gifts — your job is to collect as many of them as possible while running and jumping between rooftops, avoiding obstacles like chimneys and holiday decorations. You rack up points by collecting gifts, while keeping up with the sleigh as long as possible without falling into an alleyway.

Aside from its “frantic but fun” gameplay, Holidazed is also beautiful in its making. Its artwork, sound FX, and even a subtle “snow” effect all demonstrate an excellent attention to detail and overall aim at creating an immersive user experience. On top of that, OpenFeint integration allows you to compare your scores to Holidazed players around the world, who probably are bobbing and weaving in front of their fireplaces just like you are while playing the game. Lastly, in what’s probably the most significant contributor to the game’s addictiveness, you can unlock up to nine different achievements, ranging from “Santa’s Little Helper” to “Elf Master.” Currently, I’m at five achievements, including the dreaded “Dazed and Confused” for pathetically scoring less than 2 points before falling out. w00t! 🙂

Go grab Holidazed now at the App Store now, and applaud reallyMedia for a job well done.
Also, don’t be shy to challenge reallyMedia or any of our winners so far by submitting your own app to our showcase. We still have one more slot open for December before we go on to choose the App of the Month!

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