App of the Week (December 26, 2010): Sleeping Bird

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Here at Ansca Mobile, we take utmost pride in our users and their development skills. We have everyone from experienced veterans to  Lua rookies using Corona SDK to create top-notch apps and games, as recognized by Apple and others.

Our latest Game of the Week, Sleeping Bird, could very well become one of those top-notch games!

Sleeping Bird is the first iPhone game created by Julien Paté. Though it is quite stunning in its own right, it’s even more impressive considering that it’s Julien’s first mobile gaming effort. The wonderfully crafted visuals combined with an easy-to-learn gameplay, OpenFeint integration,and peculiarly heart-warming narrative were compelling enough to make me play this game all the way until the end. Don’t worry, though, I won’t spoil it for ya! 😉

In Sleeping Bird, you assume the role of guardian to a nest of newly hatched fledglings. The primary gameplay involves you bumping the birds back up onto a clothesline whenever they snooze and fall off. By keeping them upright, you earn  points and eventually can advance to the next level — but if too many of them fall off, you lose! The game consists of 5 beautifully drawn “worlds” with five levels to traverse in each. The ultimate goal of the game is to reunite the baby birds with their mother, who has been captured by a traveling circus.

The game sounds simple enough, but it isn’t quite that easy. The “bounce drum” can be controlled by either simple touch or your iDevice’s accelerometer (tilt)  function, the latter of which brings a much more challenging gameplay that is sure to test your hand-eye coordination. As the levels progress, so does the number of birds that you gotta keep airborne and the speed at which they drop — it’s this nice, steady ramp-up in difficulty that keeps you glued to the game and wanting to see it to the very end.

So, head on over to the App Store and see how you fare in taking care of the sleeping birds. Also, congrats to Julien on an excellent start to what surely will be an excellent tenure for him in mobile game development!

Sleeping Bird was the final App of the Week for December 2010.

Later this week, we’ll announce the App of the Month between our past four weekly winners — the monthly winner will get a much-deserved 3 additional free months tacked onto their Corona SDK subscription, giving them 6 months total!

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