It looks like one of our users will be starting 2011 off on an especially happy note — we have chosen Zombies Ala Mode as our December 2010 App of the Month, and creators Crawl Space Games will be awarded 6 free months of Corona SDK to head off charging into the New Year!

Earlier this month, we picked Zombies as our first-ever Game of the Week, and it has since been met with some pretty hefty competition for the “Game of the Week” title.

However, what ended up giving Zombies the edge was its universal appeal (kids will love the cartoons, grown-ups will love the subtly macabre jokes), easy learning curve, and flawless execution of creating a fun “feel” of gameplay through its artwork and storyline. That’s not to say that none of our other winners this month held those same traits, it’s just that Zombies pulled it off with the best across those elements. Still, believe us, it was hard to pick that out!

Of course, judging by the caliber of apps we’ve been receiving over the past several weeks, it won’t get any easier to pick these winners every week and month. Nevertheless, we’re not complaining! ;-) Continue to submit your best apps and games to us for a chance to win 3-6 free months and Corona SDK each month and even an iPad! (for our quarterly winner)

If you haven’t done so yet, head on over to the App Store to download Zombies Ala Mode now, so you can see why we love it so much.

Big congrats to Crawl Space Games on landing our first-ever Game of the Month winner’s slot, and Godspeed to all who seek to dethrone them in the New Year!

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