This past week, we awarded our App of the Week title to Julien Paté for his beautiful tap-challenge game Sleeping Bird. Shortly after deciding that it should be the App of the Week, we found out that it was Julien’s first mobile game ever!

So, we decided to ask the France-based mobile dev rookie about how he got so good at mobile development in such a short period of time.

Julien Paté, creator of Sleeping Bird for iPhone

Before Corona, what other experience in development and design did you have?

I’ve worked in multimedia for the past three years, and have skills in graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator), web development (PHP, Javascript, ActionScript 3, and CSS), and some skills in video editing (After Effects and Final Cut). I also have designed many websites and mobile sites for web and software companies.

So, what made you decide to try mobile development?

Video games have always been a passion for me. I’ve always dreamed of working in gaming space, but my profile and skill set didn’t quite correspond to the expectations of the traditional gaming industry. Later on, I bought the first iPhone and was impressed by its potential, and immediately sought to realize my dream on this new, mobile platform.

What made you decide to use Corona SDK for mobile development?

In the beginning, my plans were to use Flash to design my first application. However, the delays and uncertainty regarding the submission of applications forced me to find other solutions. Then, I found Corona after some research and, after trying the free version, I was convinced of its effectiveness.

Did you try any other mobile SDK’s before settling on Corona? If yes, why weren’t they as good for you as Corona?

I tried Appcelerator’s Titanium for mobile web app development, but it was too limited to create a video game. On the other hand, when I tried Corona, I immediately got results. I was impressed with the ease of use and the graphical capabilities fostered by the SDK.

You mentioned that Sleeping Bird is your first mobile game — how long did it take for you to learn Lua and create the entire game?

Learning the Lua language was very fast and without difficulties. However, since I designed Sleeping Bird part-time in the evenings after work, its development was relatively long. I began the game in March and formally ended in November, after a final build test period of one month.

So, do you plan to use Corona SDK for your next mobile project?

Of course. I’m already writing more projects with Corona right now!

Would you recommend Corona for others to use also? If yes, why?

I have already recommended Corona to several of my friends who also are web designers. Many people think that mobile development is difficult because of the different programming languages (Objective-C, Java, etc.), For those people, Corona is probably the best solution — it’s accessible, simple, powerful, and not a barrier to creativity.

We’re looking forward to your next creation, Julien. Thanks for talking to us!

  1. Bonjour Julien. Je ne suis pas un developer. Tu peut tu me contacter. J’ai une couple de questions pour toi. Merci. Shawn du Canada

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