App of the Week (January 2, 2011): PipClock

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This week’s App of the Week is one whose primary function is showing the current time and temperature.

Of course, that’s a gross understatement as the PipClock app by  PXL Artificer takes the typical “clock and weather” app and immerses it in an elaborate post-apocalyptic motif derived from the Fallout video game series.

PipClock is modeled after the (fictional) PIP-Boy 2000 multi-purpose survival device from the Fallout games. In the nuke-riddled Fallout world, the PIP-Boy is a handheld electronic computer that monitors a player’s health, maps the surrounding environment, and displays other crucial in-game info. With the PipClock app, one can similarly access information about their current location, albeit without the need to survive an actual nuclear apocalypse.

Despite having a minimal familiarity with the Fallout series, we were able to thoroughly appreciate this app. The PXL team extensively detailed PipClock‘s interface to convey a doomsday aesthetic through your iPhone. The app can pinpoint your whereabouts via your device’s GPS (“Ruins of Palo Alto; California Wastelands”) to give you location-specific forecasts and other information — all without breaking character:

Radioactive clouds covering 68% of the skies with calm air. High fallout humidity with 0.3 inches of toxic rain expected. Moderately cold atmosphere, mild danger of frostbite. Poisonous fog at 35.7%, use gas mask.

Besides talking about the weather in brilliant post-apocalyptic terms, PipClock also displays moon phases, sunrise/sunset times (“in the [fallout shelter] you can’t see the sun, so check the day/night statistics!”), and a built-in “nuclear-powered” emergency light to help you see in the dark. Some extra features — purely for aesthetics — include a mock Geiger counter, an analog compass, and even an inadvertent “device meltdown” caused by shaking your iPhone, which destabilizes PipClock‘s nuclear-powered core.

The best part? PXL is always working on new features for PipClock, making it a great app to keep handy on your iPhone for the near and distant future… That is, if you survive that long! 😉

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  1. Ruben says:

    Thank you so much Ansca! I’m so honored 😉
    Being a huge fan of the Fallout series, I’ve always wanted to have something like that on my iPhone.
    When I decided to actually make it, my first choice was (since I’m a Flash developer) to use Flash and export to iPhone app. But when I tried it on my iPhone I was very disappointed, it was so incredibly slow!
    So I looked for alternatives… for few weeks I tried learning XCode but, from a Flash developer perspective, the learning curve was so steep and I gave up.
    That’s when I learned about Corona SDK, I download the demo and just played with it for a few days.. Well, in just a couple of days I built the basic functions and realized that LUA/Corona SDK was so easy and pleasant to use, and the performance were great, that I decided to buy it.

    So, thanks a lot Ansca, keep up the good work!