Over the past few months, we’ve noticed some very useful Corona SDK tutorials (complete with source code!) going up at the Mobiletuts+ mobile tutorials site.

Just today, a new tutorial done by Carter Grove was posted on the site showing you how to use Corona’s path-finding algorithm. You can click the screenshot below to check it out, and see the rest of the Mobiletuts+ Corona SDK tutorials here.

Also, if you want to make a tutorial yourself and share it with the rest of the Corona community (whether as a video or as a simple post with code annotations), let us know and we’ll help you out with anything you need! :-)

  1. Guys can’t make things work:
    animate = function(event)
    path = CalcPath(CalcMoves(board, 1, 1, 10, 10))
    local marker = display.newCircle(0,0, 8)
    marker:setFillColor(255, 174, 0)
    for i = 1, table.getn(path) do
    local newX = path[i].x
    local newY = path[i].y
    print(“X: ” .. newX .. ” Y: ” .. newY)
    transition.to(marker, {time=100, x=(newX*32 – 16), y=(newY*32 – 16) });
    but it goes from one corner to another.. Please help!!

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