In the past, we’ve released some beginner’s guides to Corona SDK that have been very well received by our users, new and old.

Now, we present part 1 of the Corona For Newbies tutorial, created by user Peach Pellen. Peach has condensed an excellent Corona crash-course into a set of quick sample sets to walk even the most aspiring yet code-illiterate developers through their first crucial steps of app creation.

Head on over to Peach’s site Techority to get all the details on Corona For Newbies, or click the link below to download the tutorial (.ZIP file) now.

Download Corona For Newbies, Part 1

Oh, and be sure to tweet @PeachPellen and let her know what you think! 😉

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  1. Hi…

    Zero programming skills here. I dont have a mac, im trying to understand what you guys are doing. Im still stuck at what text editor to use in windows. Do you have any tutorials based on windows? Thanks.

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