Like the headline says, a Corona-built game named Bubble Ball (which was our most recent App of the Week) just passed the free version of Angry Birds: Seasons on the App Store’s free apps chart. According to the developer — who is just 14 years old — the physics puzzle game has over a million downloads to date, and the download numbers haven’t even topped off yet.

We’ve been watching Bubble Ball climb the charts today. Heck, we were pretty excited when it reached #2, thinking it could never unseat the mighty Angry Birds. But then, just a few minutes ago, it hit the #1 spot!

Congratulations to developer Robert Nay on this achievement — we’ll be following up on this story with more details about his project and his future plans for it!

To those of you who still haven’t downloaded and checked out Bubble Ball (it’s free!), check out this simple video about this simply addictive game…

…So far, the game has made addicts out of 1.5 million iPhone users!
Robert, what have you done???

* UPDATE, 01/18/2011: Bubble Ball just surpassed 3 million downloads in the App Store, less than three weeks since its release!

  1. Congratulations! Not to burst your “bubble”, of course, but Angry Birds is a paid app. Bubble Ball has beaten Angry Birds Seasons Free.

  2. I would love to understand (besides the playability) what drove the performance (marketing campaign, word of mouth, etc)? Millions of users in this forum maybe :)?

    Congrats to Robert!

  3. I just saw a video about this story on Yahoo! News. Very impressive. The story said that had he charged $1 for each download, he could have had enogh money to cover 4 year’s wort of tuition at Brigham Young University (his universityof choice for the future) a hundred times over. I could not help but think to myself, ‘Why would a boy obviously so resourceful and savvy waste time and money to get a degree?’ He obviously doesn’t need it, and most degrees are not worth the paper they’re printed on. I hope he changes his mind.

  4. If he had charged money he might not have had the success he did.

    Corona guys, did he actually buy a $349 dollar license!? Lot of money for a child his age. If he hasn’t bought it yet you should probably gift him a copy for all this exposure.

  5. Why are kid of these days that intelligent and smart. I guess even first class students in my school(university) couldnt have tried their hands on that..

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