Bubble Ball had quite a run in the press over the long weekend. As an added bonus, Corona SDK also received a lot of media attention and subsequent downloads, which benefits you (our users) the most as the Corona community and mindshare expands!

At the moment, Bubble Ball has been downloaded over 3 million times from the App Store.
I’m assuming you’ve got your copy already, right? ;-)

Oh, and in case you missed any of the headlines:

Good Morning America, ABC News

But wait, there’s more…

…So, who’s gonna make the next big Corona app?

  1. Please do a detailed blog entry on database handling with the Corona SDK. I want to know how to do it, plus I want to know what best practises there are for handling large databases. Can the corona sdk database handle large databases / datasets (ie: 5,000+ records)? How does it paginate or batch through results?

    I really need an answer on this.

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