It is my great pleasure to let you all know that book author and programmer extraordinaire Eric Wing has joined the Ansca Mobile team, and we are very excited to have him on board!  Actually, Eric has been around with us for a few months now and has already put his OpenGL Kung Fu skills and audio skills to good use in our Corona SDK. But now, it’s official! :-)

Eric implemented OpenAL, universal binaries, in-app purchases (upcoming!), and more into the current version of Corona. At the moment, he is cranking away at some of the other features our users have requested, and some other really crazy ones that I won’t mention yet because it will totally ruin the surprise!

I asked Eric to write a blurb about himself to share with you, and this is what he wrote back:

I graduated (kicking and screaming) from the University of California at San Diego with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering just days before 9/11. In the following challenging world, I worked a wide range of jobs in the field from automated testing on satellite systems to scientific visualization with a variety of different operating systems and programming languages.

Later, in a stroke of genius (actually, it was more likely just a stroke), I figured out how I could work even harder for no money — I started working on open source projects. I have been a contributor to projects such as SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), OpenSceneGraph, and the Lua/Objective-C Bridge (and its successor LuaCocoa). Enticed by the idea of even more hard work for virtually no pay, I jumped at the opportunity to co-author the book Beginning iPhone Games Development. This work did not go unnoticed by Ansca Mobile who lured me in by placing a giant box of Ramen in their kitchen. It was heaven.

Welcome Eric, and thank you for your already outstanding contributions!

  1. I bought a bunch of those books of his.

    I never really used them though as they were based around Obj-C and I had just discovered Corona.

    Now it comes full circle!


  2. erhm, writer seems not to have much of a clue of the Android platform. Such a thing as “fragmentation” is the absolutely normal daily busines for developers. Different machines, OS versions, screens – we’ve learned to cope so long ago on the desktop – nothing new on the mobile side. There’s just those apple devices that all look the same, but hey, they don’t have that a big market share neither, and numbers are going down. Developers, welcome to the real world.

  3. With his LuaCocoa history, dare we hope that he’s working on helping Corona build desktop Apps?

    At any rate, we’re certainly lucky to have him!

    Ansca just keeps getting better and better!


  4. Welcome Eric! I also remember having to be dragged out of the school after graduating from UCSD. The Ansca team is lucky to have you

  5. Perfect pedigree for the job. What a great catch for Corona.

    I notice your noodles take all of 3 minutes, which seems like a 33% drop in productivity. Or do they taste 50% better?

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