Remember marbles? Okay, then what about billiards?
Both games are timeless and have kept scores of children and adults alike thoroughly entertained for generations.

Our latest App of the Week, Garden of Orbs, just might do that too!

Garden of Orbs combines the classic fun of hitting spherical objects together and the beautiful, almost Feng shui-like tranquility of exotic gardens. Seriously, even if marbles or billiards isn’t really your thing, download this game just to check out how intricately designed each of its levels are — at the very least, it could give you some landscaping ideas! 😉

But gardening aside, the gameplay and level-to-level design of Garden of Orbs deserves quite a bit of praise itself. Again, the concept is simple: use the green cue orb (marble) to hit all the other ones out of the level boundaries in as few shots as possible. The fewer turns you take, the higher your score for each level will be; if you don’t make the n00b mistake of accidentally “scratching” by knocking your cue orb outside the boundaries, your score will be even higher.

It doesn’t end there: You can choose between three play modes (freeplay, shot limit, and time limit) to further upp the fun and variety. Most remarkably, however, is the number of levels. You can choose to play in any of four stages (or “gardens” — Japanese, Scottish, Sonoran, or French), each which has 25 unique levels of its own. That’s 100 levels total! On top of that, creators Furious Apps have said that more garden stages will be added in the future.

See? We told you this game would keep you entertained for quite a long time!

Applaud Furious Apps, and go pick up Garden of Orbs at the App Store now.

  1. I have elementary age grandchildren that run the power down playing this game. Then I must recharge to get my turn. Just another pleasant struggle of a retiree. This is a fantastic game that I don’t think I will even tire of or master completely. Excellent graphics, one of the best. Highly recommended.

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