It was Groundhog Day a little over a week ago, and Punxsutawney Phil predicted that the spring season is coming early this year. (well, to those of us in North America)

Perhaps it’s the impending warm weather that nudged us to pick Beachball Pop as our latest App of the Week!

Beachball Pop is a classic bubble shooter wrapped in a sunny beach aesthetic. The gameplay is simple: launch colored beachballs at a wall of beachballs slowly descending from above. When you line up three or more beachballs of the same color, they POP! The bigger the cluster of beachballs that you pop, the more points you are awarded toward your goal for each level. Just make sure you keep the beachballs from dropping too far down the screen, because your game ends if they reach the bottom. (think Tetris in reverse)

Along with classic gameplay, creators Chinchilla Games added in a few other small, handy features which make the game that much more fun to have on your mobile device Facebook integration allows Beachballers anywhere to pop for bragging rights atop a worldwide leader board. Also, the game’s simple-yet-significant ‘pause’ button allows you to pocket it and resume playing whenever you please, which is nice for continuity.

Beachball Pop has 60 levels in all across three difficulty levels (we could only handle it on ‘Easy!’), so it does have great potential for longevity. It has great appeal as a “pastime game;” if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, it’s prime for picking up and knocking out a level or two.

So, download it over at the App Store, and keep it ready for Spring Break! 😉

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