Corona SDK Tutorial: Make a Game in 40 Minutes

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CSU East Bay professor Dr. Rafael Hernandez has been on a serious Corona roll lately! Last week, he released this video tutorial on coding a simple orb-smashing game from start to finish. Full run time on the video is just under 39:30 — whoa.

Be sure to provide any feedback to Dr. Hernandez via Twitter, and watch out for more of his tutorials to be featured here, on our blog. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the interest in the vidz and more are certainly on the way. A special shoutout to MUS 6086 Interactivity with Sound & Music II at CSU East Bay. They are the reason these vidz exist (they are charged with producing iPad apps with Corona). – Hdez (a.k.a “cheetomoskeeto”)

    • Rick says:

      Dr. Hernandez I would like to speak to you about developing some apps for me.
      Please let me know how to contact you.

  2. Josh says:

    This is very helpful! Thanks for taking the time. The level of explanation is invaluable to noobs like myself. I wish the base tutorials/samples had comments that were this extensive.

  3. Fabio Cujino says:

    Great tutorial. I am new to lua and I am coding in TextWrangler, liked your autocompletion and console, which tool did you use to code on the tutorial?

  4. Fabio Cujino says:

    An answer to my own post 🙂 : Using xCode to program Corona apps, figured it out and recorded a 3 minutes tutorial about it :

  5. ChitoMojito says:

    This will be better if you have the code already typed somewhere else and just copy and paste it here, so that our attention is not focused in looking how the command are typed (of fixed if there are typos) and that may reduce the 40 mins, even if the pedagogical hour is set to 50 mins (I am old, so I get tired before).

  6. logan says:

    where do you get the orb images and sounds?

  7. Alfonso Larcinese says:

    Great videos Dr. Hernández!
    The best I have seen so far. One thing though is that it would be very useful to have the files you use for your videos. Is there a place one could get the projects so I could experiment with the same objects you show on screen?

    It would be very helpful for me.

    Alfonso L

  8. Carmen says:

    Hi. I am using Windows 7 Professional and I want to build Android Apps…………can anyone tell me what is the best text editor that I can use with Windows 7 Professional and Corona SDK? I am also trying to learn more about using Lua to develop the Android Apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Andy says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I am just starting out with Lua on Windows 7 too, I have started using LuaEdit as my text editor. It doesn’t look as fancy as Xcode, but it has Lua highlighting and does the job.

  10. Nick G says:

    My only gripe with Corona is people like this make BETTER videos than Ansca does. What is available vs what’s available by people like Dr. Rafael Hernandez is crazy.

    Dr. Burton is another good example, his hello world video helped me understand something that the base tutorial was lacking. This video is the same, it’s good and explains things well.

  11. H.Grant says:

    Excellent Video and very thoroughly explained. Coming from a heavy web development background, I felt a little intimidated by the idea of building apps for mobile devices under IOS and Andriod but this tutorial really changed my perspective. The syntax style reminds me a little of actionscript and therefore was able to follow easily. I am game for Corona!!!!

  12. Simo Kree says:

    Dammit , my countdown timer doesn’t work, it stays on 10