App of the Week effect?

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You may have noticed an increase in Corona-powered apps in the “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections in the App Store. I did a quick glance at the App Store, and just by recognizing the icons, I could discern the following apps on their respective categories’ top pages.

These are a fraction of your apps that are popping up at the top of the charts in the App Store. Many of the apps have been our App of the Week winners, so I would like to think there is a correlation.

But I don’t want to stop there! We are going to start a co-promotion campaign to help you get your apps noticed and onto the top of the App Store charts. I am working with our VP of Marketing, head of PR (known to you winners as Hetal), and Walter and we will come up with a plan to get this going with your participation as well.

Although, not yet defined, I’m thinking you and our team could work together on a joint press-release, marketing collateral, featured game page (not just an entry on the showcase), blog interview, plus more. And, being a subscriber, you will get the latest drops, builds, and access to unreleased features to help you even more.

Your thoughts? You know my e-mail.

Happy coding! 🙂

— Carlos

P.S.: Just learned that ROBOT 99 by Fu-Design is the #3 best-selling app (that means paid!) on the Taiwanese iPad App Store right behind Cut the Rope and Angry Birds.  Nice!

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  1. coynage says:

    great ideas! co-marketing (i call it “air coverage”) shows great support of your ecosystem!

  2. Keith says:

    That is awesome! I have been endlessly impressed how you feature and promote the developers using Corona, and here it is again. Everyone knows it’s hard getting noticed, I’d be willing to bet that contributes greatly to a developer’s potential success, not to mention having a killer development platform to boot. It’s really nice to see a company that is so incredibly supportive of their users. Great job!

  3. Fu says:

    Thanks CoronaSDK team!
    As an iOS game developer. I found that promotion strategy is even harder than App developing. Some forums don’t even allow you announce a new releasing app or provide promo codes. They assume a post like that is an advertising. All I can do is waiting the news spread by word of mouth… which is extremely slow. Thus I like CoronaSDK especially because I believe this community/ecosystem can benefit my app, not just how easy it is to create an App (It is!!)