Start Up Camp this weekend, to kick off GDC!

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Remember Start Up Camp from a couple weeks back? Well, we’re doing it again this weekend in San Francisco, to kick off the Game Developers Conference next week!

The concept is simple:   Show up at Start Up Camp on Friday night with your best game-oriented startup idea, and form a team with other like-minded campers. Then, over the next three days, your team will work together to build a working demo of your idea (having a preliminary business model wouldn’t hurt either!) to present come Sunday night. The best idea wins prizes and a chance to have their startup funded by actual money!

Ansca Mobile will be  the primary sponsor of this weekend’s Start Up Camp. Also, just like last time, we’re offering the following prize package to any team that wins the competition using Corona SDK to build their idea:

  • An iPad
  • $500 USD in cash
  • Corona SDK subscriptions for all team members

…That’s over $1500 in value! (and even more if you have a lot of team members)

Click the screenshot below for more details on Start Up Camp, or click here to register right away.

So, will we see you there? 🙂

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  1. J. A. Whye says:

    I’ve wanted to go to GDC since the very first one 25 years ago, but have never made it. It’s times like these that make me wonder why I live in Alaska and not in civilization!

    Send us some pictures of geeks building games, Ansca! 🙂


  2. Izak says:

    Cool. But please, release an updated version with bugfixes soon. Im checking by every day… 🙂

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