We’ve always had lots of people asking us for tips on using Corona SDK (of course, we’ve always been more than happy to provide them!).  Since the release of Corona on Windows, we’ve naturally had more people asking for help on that.

Now, we have something for ya, thanks to our in-house Windows wiz Tom. A very comprehensive “Getting Started” guide catering to our Windows users:

  1. Hi,

    Even after I login on your website, I can’t post a topic/reply in the forums. Is that option only for paid subscribers?


  2. Arash Jalalian says:


    Thank you for the great support you are providing.

    When I tried to install the helloWord app (the one you provided in the Corona examples) on my android device from windows , ‘adb’ came up with the following error:

    >adb install HelloWorld.apk

    4724 KB/s (4393057 bytes in 0.908s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/HelloWorld.apk

    I have built the application with the trial version of Corona and I used the ‘androiddebugkey’ as my Key Alias (default settings). Could you please give me some advises to fix this problem?

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