The best games are not only fun to play, but also require some brainwork to successfully navigate.

That describes Walkabout to a tee, which we’ve selected to be our latest App of the Week!

It may look cute and adorable, but this game will throw a wicked roadblock at you if you’re not on your toes! The object of the game is to navigate each level, square-by-square and collect all the rings. Sounds simple, right? Well, each square disappears after you step off it, which will leave you stranded and looking at the “Failed!” sign unless you plot your moves carefully.

That’s not to say there’s not a slight “thrill” factor to this game — you get added points for finishing the levels in record time, which adds a great “move carefully and quickly” factor to the game. Plus, as you advance further in the game, you end up being able to control multiple characters, who you’ll need to work together in order to collect all the rings in each level.

See what I mean when I said this game requires brainwork? :-)

Structure-wise, the game is beautiful. It has cute graphics, inviting sound FX, and a gradually escalating gameplay difficulty — all of which are bound to appeal to a wide range of ages. Plus, there’s an abundance of levels (64 thus far) that will keep you busy for quite a while. This game has some serious potential for longevity.

Walkabout is available now in the App Store and Android Market, with free versions to try out.  

Congrats to creators Base 2, who will receive a free 3-month extension to their Corona SDK subscription. Hopefully, they’ll use some of that to make some excellent add-ons to their already awesome game! 😉

  1. Yes the graphics are from Lost Garden :) Danc liked what was done with them – I showed him the final version before making it public.

    @Michael: I understand what you mean, but if that were the case guys with lots of money who are able to pay to get the graphics done would win every week. Also its quite hard taking graphics that exist and making a game concept that works as if the graphics were made for it.
    With the Lost Garden graphics, I had to redraw some of the shadows, and drew ‘extra’ players for the later levels. Also some tiles and stars had to be redrawn too.
    The other graphics, titles etc I drew, some incorporating elements from other free graphics.

    The Music is a Midi Loop that was converted to mp3 and processed in audacity to allow it to loop without a hideous gap (mp3’s are very hard to loop).

    The game itself used groups (or layers) for different rows of blocks to give the ilussion the player is moving in a 3D world. To allow very slow android devices to work with the game, I had to flatten that all into one layer and track objects myself. Also the shadows are tracked so are only drawn when needs AND when visible. Each block can have up to 9 shadows.

    @Susrat: What issues are you having? What device are you trying to play it on? It only uses ~ 1.4mb texture memory in game, and about 6mb maximum when large menu backgrounds are loaded on the title screen. Its been tested on a lot of devices from 192mb up to 512mb.

  2. As others have pointed out (and I have noticed a lot of people on the android market saying this) that the Graphics are from and aren’t exclusive to this game. Not sure why people are mad on the market, but the graphics from what I understand are free to use anyway you like :)

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