Balance seems to be a running theme around here.

We here at Ansca Mobile have to balance engineering the Corona SDK with helping out in the forums and throwing cool parties.  You guys (our users) have to balance time in graphic design, programming, and publicizing your apps.  And once upon a time, I had dreams of being a balancing act in the circus:

Several reconstructive facial surgeries later, I opted for my current gig at Ansca — but the spirit of balance still hadn’t left me! Thus, Stack on Me is our latest App of the Week.

The premise of Stack on Me is pretty simple:  take all the objects in each level and stack them on top of each other without falling. With this one-sentence premise, the game reels you in for hours of toiling — and you’ll probably love it! It starts out easy enough, with an in-game tutorial walking you through each physics-enabled level. But soon enough, the nonsensical array of objects will become increasingly difficult to successfully balance on top of each other for the eight seconds needed to advance to the next stage.

Or, as Carlos would put it, Stack on Me is very elastic! 😉

Given its fun and beautifully cartoonish graphics, the game has equal appeal to children and adults. Thirty-two levels of the aforementioned balancing acts could keep a kid busy for a very long time, or ruthlessly drive you insane for hours on end. If you’re not yet ready to take the full plunge, you can download the free “Express” version of Stack on Me from the App Store and try out a few levels before moving on to the “Expert” version.

Aside from a few nagging questions (Are those GIANT rulers, or just really tiny book shelves?), creator Astudion really hit it on the head with this one! :-)


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