Making iPad comics with Corona SDK has always been a feature relatively underutilized by our user community. We have had users create eBooks with Corona SDK, complete with sound and interactive goodies, but that same level of immersiveness hasn’t quite been matched with comics.

Until now, with our latest App of the Week, and iPad comic called Be Confident in Who You Are!

Self esteem in kids has always been a widely spotlighted issue, and the square aim of Be Confident is to help kids stand up to negative pressures, whether it’s bullying or just self-doubt. The app itself is an eComic modeled after the Middle School Confidential motivational book series; not only does it faithfully reproduce the paperback on the iPad, but it also adds an entire layer of immersive soundscapes that take full advantage of the iPad’s offerings as a comic platform!

Be Confident uses well-plotted sound effects and ambient noise to make the comic come to life on the iPad. Rather than making a comic designed to be read simply off the iPad screen like any normal page, creators Electric Eggplant turned it into a cinematic experience fully utilizing iPad capabilities such as sound and animation.

Electric Eggplant’s David B. Fox gave us a sneak peek at Be Confident back at our Developers Kitchen. Even then, I knew it was ahead of the pack in creating a multi-sensory comic experience on the iPad. Judging by the reviews it’s already getting, this app could very well set a precedent for anyone looking to convert their book or comic to “app form.”

Go get Be Confident at the App Store now and you’ll see what I mean — even if its underlying message is a little below your age group. 😉

  1. This is a very creative and thoughtful use of technology built with Corona SDK. Well done and great to see it’s getting some exposure. It’s made my tweet list for today.

  2. Hetal, Carlos, thank you so much for this honor and your fabulous review! You clearly “get” what we’re trying to do with kids apps. There are so many apps in the store, but not for 8- 14-year-olds, and covering social and emotional learning issues like bullying, self-confidence, peer pressure, while still being a fun experience!

    When we started out on this project, and I first attempted coding in Objective-C, I almost gave it all up in frustration. Thankfully, I lost only a week going in that direction before discovering Corona SDK. I’m definitely a true believer, and am excited to be working with such an amazing team at Ansca!

    And thanks, James, for your tweets and kudos!

  3. I wanted to point out that David Fox once worked on such gems as Zak McKracken, which some of us may remember back from the 80s as one of the most terrific games to be released on this little planet! Had the chance to interview David for the book Graphic Adventures (grab a free e-copy if you like: It’s very cool to see David active in the iPad realm these days.

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