Oh. Em. GEE!!!!!

We told you late last week (three posts down) that we had some awesome stuff in the works for the next couple weeks. Well, now we’re ready to unveil Part 1 of our two-part “Awesome Stuff” mini-series…

First off, Corona SDK on Windows is now officially out of beta!  That means our Windows-using Coronites (too cult sounding?) can now build their apps to Android devices after writing them on a PC.  Along with the newly enabled build capability, Corona SDK on Windows’ features now include:

  • Debugger for Windows Simulator: This is exactly what it sounds like — a debugger for Corona Simulator on Windows, the real-time device simulator allowing you to instantly see how your app will look and function on different Android devices.
  • Facebook Connect: You now will be able to create apps with Facebook integration through Android!
  • Asynchronous HTTP support for Android and Corona Simulator: You now can make asynchronous HTTP and HTTPS/SSL calls using any valid HTTP method (“GET”, “POST”, etc.) without your Windows-made Corona app having to be stopped to wait for a response.

In additional “whoa” related news, we also have rolled out a significant update to the good ol’ Corona SDK on Mac, with many new features and bug fixes including:

  • Game Center support: Mac users now will be able to add Game Center support to their Corona apps and games for iOS. We read your minds (well, at least your tweets and forum posts) and decided this needed to be done ASAP!
  • Corona UI: In case you didn’t see Carlos leak the news last night, Corona UI is a Batman-style utility belt of pre-built UI objects that users can drop into their Corona apps across multiple platforms. The only catch? This toolbox is available to Corona SDK subscribers only. (we told you subscribing is worth it! ;-))

    Here’s video of Corona UI in action:

For more details our Windows version of Corona, check out the new Corona SDK on Windows info page.  For everything

And remember, we still have “Awesome Stuff, Pt. 2″ coming very soon! 😉

  1. hmm not sure says:

    Not sure about this upgrade if the UI features are only available to subscribers. What about the people who are working with Corona trying to learn it, understand it etc. ready for development and then they can subscribe. After all nothing can really be done without the subscription but it’s now a little unfair to give the subscribers something additional. People evaluating the system would also be interested in what the UI does and in this model it cannot be done unfortunately.

  2. Chris Collinge says:

    OK any examples of the new UI, in the samples folder for subscribers? I might of missed this but just downloaded and looking for some documentation. Many thanks

  3. Would you mind posting a link to some documentation that explains the process of updating Corona? New features are great but they don’t just magically appear…

  4. @hmm not sure why is it unfair to give this to subscribers only???? We have *paid* you haven’t! If you are serious about development you need to pay, these guys have bills like the rest of us.

    Mind boggling.

  5. @Gary … 200 USD might not be a huge amount for you, but for some people it is. I am not sure of the refund policy, but how do you ensure that after I have purchased the subscription, I can be refunded my payment in case this does not meet my needs.

  6. I wouldn’t say having Corona UI available only for subscribers is “unfair” so much as it doesn’t make sense, because as hmm said “After all nothing can really be done without the subscription.”

    I’d like to evaluate whether Corona will work for me (I’ll need the UI features), BEFORE I become a subscriber. Ansca would probably get my subscription $$$ sooner if I were able to try it first. But instead, I’ll just watch the forums for what is posted about Corona UI, and try to get a sense of its functionality that way instead.

  7. Not a fan that the UI toolkit is for subscribers only. Fairly stupid to block a huge potential feature.

    @Gary: the free version is for people and people trying to learn or come up with an idea or concept. You can’t deploy without a subscription anyways, so its boggling my mind how that translates to lost revenue. And how do I know how well or easy to use these widgets are anyways? I just have to trust a youtube video?

  8. This update is great! The Android speed improvement is tremendous and it was worth the abandoning of the ARM6 architecture.

    In my opinion UI only for subscribers is good move. It shows Ansca appreciation for people who actually have paid and supported them.

  9. Keeping Corona UI under lock and key, that makes it seem like it’s NOT worth it. Seriously. Why try to lure new sales by hindering people’s ability to learn and evaluate Corona UI? This is a pretty ridiculous move.

    I was looking forward to subscribing shortly, but bad decisions like this will always be a red flag for something distasteful. Let people make their own decision based on experience, not just the sales pitch!

  10. The following is meant as constructive criticism. I am quite happy with my decision to purchase the SDK next week. The Corona SDK community and the help and tolerance shown to a middle aged newbie like me has been indispensable and the single most important factor in my decision to purchase and learn Corona.

    As a soon to be new subscriber to Corona, the UI videos leave me with a “so what?” feeling. I just see a few lines of code and a mouse curser dragging a menu up and down. As someone who has not gotten beyond “Hello World,” watching a few videos, and spent a little time at deconstructing a few of the simpler apps, I have no frame of reference as to the value or use of this new feature. If I were an experienced user, I might join in and shout “Wow!”

    I’m not going to try to second guess Ansca’s business decision of not including the UI with the trial version. But had I not already made the decision to buy the subscription next week, announcing a UI and then not show a potential customer how that great new feature works would have left me a bit more confused than I already am and I would possibly be giving Flash 5.5 a more serious look.

  11. I have been evaluating Corona and have been looking forward for months to the release of the new UI features in order to see if Corona would meet my needs.

    Therefore I’m extremely disappointed that I cannot try out the new UI features without subscribing. I don’t see how Corona will miss out on revenue as it has been pointed out that you can’t sell apps anyway unless you are a subscriber. Very reluctant to subscribe without trying things out first.

  12. Speculation — perhaps Corona UI is being released only to subscribers because it’s still in beta, and the developers expect rapid releases of bugfixes / additions via the daily builds, which are available only to subscribers?

    If that were the case, better PR may have been to just spell it out?

    Like Graeme, I also have been waiting months for Corona UI to come out, to evaluate Corona’s suitability for my goals. I’ve not bothered even trying Corona, since first downloading it and trying “Hello, world”, because UI is that critical to me. Perhaps when Corona UI is more “finalized”, it’ll be available for trials to evaluate before subscribing?

  13. Congratulations to all the developers who produce so many good apps (I hope I’ll be able too, one day!!!), and most of all to the great Ansca staff for opening this wonderful world to us!
    As a beginner developer (coding is basically a hobby to me, but I hope to improve soon) I wish the next “awesome stuff in the works” includes MapKit support for Android (I love it in the iOS) and PayPal integration… I know these features are in the roadmap, keep working on them guys!!! And thanks for what you already did, it’s a great job!

  14. Can someone point me to the docs for the Game Center support? Looked through docs, sample apps, and APIs and it’s nowhere to be found (at least by me). Is this another subscriber-only thing?

  15. UI only for subscribers doesn’t make sense, although I’m sure subscribers will tell you otherwise.

    Let’s be honest. $200 per year to publish apps on the app store with this platform is nothing when you consider the money saved in development time. subscribers don’t need any ‘extras’, you already offer a very good deal.

    In my opinion, an indie developer will more than likely develop their first app, and have it ready to go on the app store before committing to $200. You gain nothing by hindering this development. The new developers are the ones you need to get excited – give them all these cool features so they can release their app, and in the process give you another happy customer.

    There are many developers that would consider the UI components essential for their app, and I’d imagine they’d be very reluctant to pay $200 just to test them out. Your decision to make this subscriber only may actually lose you revenue I’m afraid.

  16. Hi

    This new capabilities seem promising. I’m not a game developer, but a LOB applications programmer. I’m interested in this product, that’s why I keep on checking this page from time to time, but I’m not going to buy it without testing before knowing if this features suit my needs.

    200$ might be inexpensive to get a cross platform app, but it’s too much to throw it away. At this moment all I have is a video and a reference to only one app. It would be great getting a bit of ‘real’ experience on it. Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

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