Recently, we’ve seen a lot of comments on blogposts asking how to do [insert elaborate mobile app development function here] in Corona SDK. The result is usually an extensive back-and-forth between them and Team Ansca, often involving a head-spinning amount of code being cut-and-pasted into the comments section. Bleh!

So, we just thought we’d let some of our newer visitors around here know about the Corona Code Exchange. It is awesome — you can find an ever-growing index of Corona coding tricks archived here, with the newest ones placed first under the “Latest Additions” banner.

Click the screenshot below to snoop around, and let us know what we should add next! ;-)

  1. Code exchange is THE BEST! I find most of my challenges already solved in some way in another project. If I take the time to read through line by line others code, I get all sorts of ideas on how to make what I do even better. I think the Code Exchange and community of contributors are the most compelling reasons to use CoronaSDK.

  2. Piotr Turlej says:

    How to rotate , move object in a right way, with physics and without sticking another object to it. Transition from place to place isn’t a good solution. Simple sample in code exchange in animation section will be great. We use it very often. I think we have to use jonts but I don’t know exactly how.

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