App of the Week (April 24, 2011): Lost Circus

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One of the main challenges with mobile games is retention. It’s no easy task to create a game with longevity, one that can hold a user’s interest without becoming mundane or repetitive.

With that, our latest App of the Week is Forgotten Places: The Lost Circus, which will stay on your iPad for quite some time!

Lost Circus reminds me of a previous App of the Week we’ve featured called The Secret of Grisly Manor. Both are Myst-style environment exploration games with immaculate artwork; both involve lots of immersive puzzles; and both have many layers that unveil themselves as you get deeper into the game. And — as Lost Circus creators Sungift Games may especially like — Grisly Manor has been downloaded over 100,000 times and cracked Amazon’s top 10. Seems like people really like these kinda games! 😉

Now, when I said that Lost Circus has longevity I meant it! In typical Myst (and, to an extent Grisly Manor) fashion, the in-game storyline is quite extensive, and will take you multiple sittings before you ultimately complete it. Of course, you won’t have any problem coming back to it as it has some of the most elaborate graphics we’ve seen to date from the Corona community. Seriously, click the trailer below and just look at it!

Lost Circus is available on the iPad right now in the App Store. And, like I said, it surely will be on your iPad for a long time — I played it for nearly two hours to write this review and only got through about 1/5 of it!

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