Corona SDK on NOOK Color ("Awesome Stuff, Pt. 2")

Less than two weeks ago, we gave you part 1 of our two-part “Awesome Stuff” series.

Now, we give you this…


That’s right — the SDK that helped create the 12th highest grossing iPad eBook of all time soon will allow you to create eBooks and apps for Barnes & Noble’s new and improved NOOK Color tablet.

Carlos will have more juicy details in a subsequent blogpost.
Until then, feel free to reminisce with this. :-)

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  1. Emilio Aguirre says:

    Boomer that I can not sign as a Nook developer because I’m canadian and do not have a US tax account. Hope the B&N guys open this to us, the freelancers around the world :)

  2. Does the current Corona SDK build for Nook because the video above says it does?

  3. Shawn Grimes says:

    Any update on this? I’d like to port some of my native iOS apps to the Nook Color using Corona.

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