Guest Post: Corona birthday party-crashers

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We had some unexpected but very welcome guests last weekend at our Corona SDK birthday party. Los Gatos locals Chris Bryant and Jeanne Yee crashed our party and partook in a round of Bocce Ball with us to celebrate Corona’s third birthday and the launch of their new app Guitar School on iPhone and Android.

Below, Chris and Jeanne chronicle their experience partying with Team Corona, and using Corona SDK for only the past couple months.

And if their app is good enough, maybe the next birthday party can be a jam session? 😉

One does not attend a birthday party for a piece of software very often. It’s even less likely that particular piece of software happens to be your absolute favorite software, a tool that helps ordinary folks like you and me, build amazing game concepts and infinite applications. This very software gains more users by the minute. Last Friday, on April 22, we attended Corona SDK’s 3rd birthday party at Campo Di Bocce in Los Gatos, California.

Team Corona @ Corona SDK's 3rd Birthday Party


Birthdays for software are one thing, but when you meet the individuals behind the product, it is an utterly awesome and entertaining experience. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the Ansca Mobile staff, a group of 14 individuals who happen to be some of the coolest and most interesting folks around. They are straight-shooters who believe in their product and for users like us, we greatly appreciate the collaboration of ambition, brain power, creativity and accessibility that allows wannabe developers like us to actually succeed.

The celebration with the Ansca staff was twofold in that we were also at Campo Di Bocce to celebrate the launch of our first application, Guitar School. In five short months, we went from conversing about the concept of creating an application to releasing an actual product now available on iTunes, Android Market and the Amazon app store. Corona is the fastest growing and the most user-friendly mobile development software on the market. Our success is a prime example of what Corona is intended to be for developers — if you can dream it, you can build it with Corona!

Back at the company party, we arrived with the intention of thoroughly mingling with the Ansca staff and handing out copies of our latest music CD along with app promo codes to the employees. The purpose of these gifts was to express our immeasurable gratitude for enabling the launch of our new application. Instead, we were immediately welcomed with chummy grins and an open invitation to play bocce ball with the staff. We received the honors of playing on the same team as Carlos Icaza. Team sports, especially one like bocce ball, where no one is qualified to be team captain, is inevitably bonding. Friendship and humorous banter are guaranteed to follow. Walter and Carlos are good-humored, down-to-earth and wittingly sharp individuals. With the success of Corona SDK and the countless successes of its developers, Ansca Mobile had every reason to celebrate.

Chris Bryant, Jeanne Yee, Walter, and Carlos


After a casually competitive round of bocce ball, we all gathered round a nearby table where Walter and Carlos summarized Corona’s three year history. “When we first created Corona, we had no idea it was to become a company. Our intention was to create something we could use, not create a company. Look how far we’ve come, it can only get better from here,” remarked Carlos. These words are indeed true. Millions of people around the world are downloading and using apps every day made by Corona developers. Ansca is witnessing its rapid growth each day. They are officially “on the map.” Corona will soon be churning out applications for the Nook family of portable reading devices, which is yet another reason to celebrate. It truly has been a great three years for Corona.


Corona 3rd birthday party @ Campo Di Bocce


Before our departure, we left with hugs and handshakes from our new Ansca family. It marked the beginning of a new journey. Ansca is not just a company; it’s a tight group of good folks who want you to succeed on many levels. We want to thank everyone at Ansca for not only a wonderful party, but the total ability to access a dream we conceived only five months ago. The year 2011 is an even bigger beginning and we look forward to seeing Corona soar on the highest cloud and become a household name to developers worldwide.


About the Writers:

Chris Bryant and Jeanne Yee are the developers of the app, Guitar School. They are also the owners of Chris Bryant Guitar School and Twin Soul Art Studio, located in downtown Los Gatos, California. Chris has been playing guitar for over 20 years and teaching for 11. Jeanne is a collage artist, graphic designer and illustrator with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She has been in the field of design for almost 18 years.

Chris Bryant Guitar School and Twin Soul Art Studio opened their doors in 2009. With a full schedule and not enough room to accommodate more students, these two creative entrepreneurs sat down and conceived creating an application for iOS and Android that individuals could use to learn the guitar. Like most novice developers, they went to the local book store to research the best way to approach coding an application. After reading the standard Book for Dummies, they hit a wall. How on earth were they going to code a fabulous guitar app with absolutely no knowledge or background in app programming?

Enter Corona SDK. Chris and Jeanne discovered Corona while reading Yahoo’s front page news about a 14-year old named Robert Nay and his smash hit success, Bubble Ball. After toying with the software for a few hours, the reality of releasing the conceived guitar app immediately defined itself. After many late nights, early mornings, and zero caffeine (to keep their brains functioning), the app Guitar School was born. They are incredibly grateful to Walter and Carlos for founding Ansca and Corona, for they surely are inseparable.


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  1. Chris, Jeanne, thank you for “crashing” our party and thank you for sharing your story with everyone else. We had a great time and thank you for the guitar app promo codes and the CD’s. And feel free to crash our offices anytime.