App of the Month (April 2011): Siege Towers for Two

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Choosing our latest App of the Month was no easy task (I feel like I say that every month). We had to choose between the innovative addictiveness of Tiltopolis, the life lessons and cinematic eComic construction of Be Confident, the immaculate artwork of Lost Circus, and the communal fun of Siege Towers.

Ultimately, as hard as it was to choose, we went with the very latter.

Siege Towers‘ communal aspect gives it a sense of longevity that we feel will always be relevant to iPad users. While the other games likely will cease to be played once they are beaten (or finished reading!), Siege Towers‘ head-to-head gameplay has a very “board game” type of appeal that makes it likely to be pulled out at gatherings or slumber parties for a looong time! Seriously, if Monopoly can get dusted off every now and then, Siege Towers definitely will be kept around for the same reason in coming years (dare I even say coming generations?).

You are ensured hours of bonding via smack-talk and iWarfare for years to come with Siege Towers.
It’s ready for your taking in the App Store right now — oh, and it’s also FREE!

Congrats to creator Philipp Lenssen on winning 6 months of free Corona SDK with his “App of the Month,” on top of the game already hitting #1 in Germany.

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  1. cmontesino says:


  2. Wow, thanks so much guys!!

  3. yoblog9 says:

    does it work only in ipad, i need to get this on iphone.

    • Hetal says:

      Looks like it’s just on iPad at the moment. :-/
      But Philipp (above your comment) is the creator — ask him!

  4. Yoblog, good question. The nature of these type of two-player games — made for two players sitting next to each other, playing on the same device — is that they require a rather large display to allow for everyone to participate simultaneously. So the whole game play concept was made specifically for the iPad (other tables could work too, and I’m pondering an Android port — e.g. for devices like Xoom — possible thanks to Corona).