App of the Week (May 1, 2011): Say It 4 Me – Global Traveler

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A friend of mine recently came back from a trip to Europe. She said the languages she encountered during her two-week stay (Italian, German, and Norwegian) couldn’t possibly have been covered in any typical sequence of language courses.

Depending on the trajectory of your own Eurotrip, you could end up in a similar pickle. To help soften the blow, you should have a copy of Say It 4 Me: Global Traveler — our latest App of the Week!

It never hurts to have some good ol’ fashioned utility with an app, and that’s precisely why Global Traveler has so much appeal. It has 35 common travelers phrases (e.g. “Where can I get WiFi?” or “Where can I rent a car?”) and the ability to play them across seven different languages. On top of that, the interface is intuitive and very aesthetically pleasing, which makes maneuvering between languages a cinch even if you’re coming off a brutal round of jetlag. Sure, you may seem a little robotic holding your iDevice up to “talk” for you, but it sure beats elaborately pantomiming “Where is the toilet?” to a complete stranger.

Creators HD Interactive have a knack for making simple yet user-friendly apps like this. You can even group up Global Traveler with its Say It 4 Me sister apps (Global Pick Up Artist and Global Insulter) to make the most of your trips abroad! 🙂

Needless to say, the latter does come with a disclaimer:

Using this product on ill-tempered persons could result in injury, death, loss of job, friendship, or even a firm slap in the face.

Apparently,  language barriers won’t always protect you from a walloping in a foreign land!

Also, you can learn more about creators HD Interactive via this interview we conducted with them a few months back.

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  1. Jayant C Varma says:

    that’s not true. I travelled across Europe, now I did not make an unplanned trip and I knew where I was headed and how long I was staying.

    I did not have issues coz, I knew French, English, German and a bit of Italian. I did not go to Spain or Portugal and these helped me good enough across mainland Europe.

    But yes, for most Americans, that would be difficult.

  2. yes ,you ma face a lot if you are from Asia , America . because most people of this region know Eng and her own language . i am from Asia and i have face this.

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