Lately, we’ve been telling you about using Corona SDK for eBooks, especially iPad comics.
Since a lot of comic book artists use Photoshop to create their masterpieces, it only makes sense that we continue allowing them to work comfortably.

Thus, comes the third-party tool Kwik, created by Kwiksher for Corona SDK. Kwik allows Photoshop users to add sound, animation, and interactivity in general to their .PSD files, optimizing them for the mobile platform. Essentially, it enables comic book artists to make full use of tablets (iPad, NOOK Color, etc.) as an interactive reading platform — your comics will be much more awesome if you make them this way!

For more information on how Kwik works, head on over to the Kwiksher site (download links there too, obviously), and also check out Kwiksher founder Alex Souza’s blogpost here.

Your thoughts?

  1. HOw very cool on three fronts;

    1. That the tool is written as a plugin to Photoshop, which is awesome for the people that already have Photoshopskills
    2. That it’s for use with Corona!
    3. Wow, how dang easy it is to lay out a cool comic book style app! How frickin awesome!! Well done Alex Souza!! Keep it coming!

  2. Just Downloaded and ran the program. Shows a lot of promise. I can see a flood of requests coming in for more functionality with animations. need more than x, y and alpha. Overall was easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use.

  3. Joabe, dificil fazer tutoriais em Portugues devido a pouca audiencia de usuarios do Brasil. Quem sabe com mais usuarios eu comece a fazer tutoriais na nossa lingua.

    Um abraco,

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