Corona SDK apps in NOOK top 10 list

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A couple weeks back, we told you about how Corona SDK now will let you develop apps for the NOOK Color. Now, The site Nook App Review has compiled a list of the top-selling apps for the NOOK Color‘s first month — and two Corona-made apps are in the top 10!

5.) Float by Crawl Space Games is just $1 and rated very highly by nearly everyone who bought it (58 reviews, mostly 5-star). Verdict: At $1 there’s nothing to lose.

8.) The Secret of Grisly Manor is a puzzle mystery game. It’s $1.99 and across 50 reviews the consensus is that it’s fun but short. This has excellent graphics. Verdict: Buy it if you like mysteries/puzzles and don’t mind a shorter game.

Holy AWESOME!!!!!

Big congrats to Crawl Space Games (Float) and Fire Maple Games (Grisly Manor) on landing their games at the top of this list.

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This entry has 5 replies

  1. Josh says:

    How exactly do we build for nook? is it any different than just building for android?

  2. spacehunter says:

    Apparently you have to be accepted by ansca to build for nook. So, unless you have a block-buster on your hands or shown that your capable of a masterpiece from your past apps it will not happen, unfortunately 🙁

  3. Carlos Icaza says:

    Right now you will need to wait for us to release Corona SDK For NOOK Color, and currently B&N only accepting US only based companies apps and B&N is still sorting out their app acceptance policies.


  4. Andrew Kao says:

    What’s the latest on build for NOOK Color? Is it supported when we build for Android?

  5. Rob Sondles says:

    Is there any update for NOOK Color builds in Corona??