Spriteloq, a new Corona SDK toy for Flash developers

It’s no secret that Flash developers love Corona SDK (and we love ’em too!).
I mean seriously, how could you say “no” to something like this:


And now, thanks to our Corona cohorts over at Loqheart have made a shiny new toy for you Flash folk. It’s called Spriteloq, and it allows you to easily take all your Flash sprites/animations and import them into Corona, sparing you the hassle of remaking them all from scratch.

It goes something like this…

…Once you wipe the drool off your chin, head on over to our Plug-Ins page to learn how to get your hands on SpriteLoq. :-)

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This entry has 5 replies

  1. Noah says:

    This makes Spritesheets, right?
    Does it make them in high res versions also? (@2x suffix)

  2. James says:

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for, thanks!

  3. AdamB says:

    How would you draw a curve in Corona? Is there a display.newCurve function?

  4. Arno says:

    D: WHA!!!??? 😀 AGAIN WHA!!!??? Woohoo!!!

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