We all know that mobile apps tend to go nowhere unless you put in a little marketing muscle behind them… But we also all know that marketing muscle traditionally means lots of money, which a lot of indie developers and small game studios don’t have.

Nevertheless, the guys at Crawl Space Games have it allllll figured out!

They should know a thing or two about successful marketing — their last game Float topped a million downloads and was invited to the NOOK Color shortly afterward. And (as far as we know) they don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget.

In the very near-future, we’ll be rolling out a Corona SDK marketing program to advise and assist you guys with pushing your apps and getting them more eyeballs. That way, we can show the world that Corona users have the best apps out there! :-)

In the meantime…

  1. Crawlspace Games says:

    Very kind words, but contrary to popular opinion we have nothing figured out. We are like nerds on a first date fumbling around trying not to look dumb :)

  2. Ever thought about a publishing deal? it’s how games have been marketed since the beginning…
    we have a deal with the number one publisher and our first two Apps (one Corona, one objectiveC) are still in development

    downside: you share the revenue, publishers can take time to evaluate and respond

    upside: marketing muscle, publishing experience and feedback to improve your App, leaves you time to concentrate on development, MUCH more likely to a get a hit that delivers a true ROI (return on investment)


  3. Publishing press releases helps, but a great way to get exposure that’s often overlooked is simply submitting your mobile apps for awards on any award website, like http://www.BestMobileAppAwards.com. You at least get the nomination listing, and if you end up winning, the recognition and exposure goes a long way. Just an idea

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