Recap: Barnes & Noble workshop for Corona SDK

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The Barnes & Noble boardroom was quite the happening place a couple days ago!
Barnes & Noble put on a NOOK Color app development workshop aimed specifically at Corona SDK developers…

…Naturally, we were invited to help answer questions about what’s coming in the (very) near future from us for the NOOK, and how we’re working with Barnes & Noble to make NOOK development a reality for many Corona developers. B&N’s own Chief Developer Evangelist Ted Patrick was on hand to show attendees the ropes of developing for the NOOK and collecting revenue from sales.

One of the questions was about how apps are chosen by Barnes & Noble for the NOOK. Currently, there is not an “open” app submission process for the NOOK, as B&N want to exercise some quality control over the types of apps that make it onto the NOOK. However, given how successful Corona apps have already been on the NOOK Color, we are quite optimistic that more of your iOS and Android apps will be summoned by B&N for the NOOK. 😉

Some of the sales numbers that Ted revealed to us at the workshop were quite eye-opening (in a good way, of course!). Despite it being a newcomer in the tablet and apps space, sales from the NOOK Apps shop are already yielding huge profits for NOOK developers — then again, with millions of units already sold in the past year,  I guess that should be too big of a surprise.

Speaking of profits, Ted also went into detail about how the payment process worked from Barnes & Noble to NOOK developers. This is the main reason why the NOOK currently is open only to U.S.-based developers, as foreign bank accounts aren’t always very dependable for B&N to deal with. However, if you’re a developer abroad and still want to develop for the NOOK, Ted said that all you need to do is simply get a U.S. bank account and tax ID number — then, they’ll be able to pay you just like any other domestic developer or studio.

One big question that Ted asked us and the rest of the Corona developers there was whether there actually was a huge interest within the Corona community for NOOK development. If so, then he is going to convince Barnes & Noble to put on more and larger-scale workshops like this one, so that more of you can attend. So, feel free to let Ted know in the comments section here how much you would love that! 🙂

After passing around a few valuable, dev-related goodies on a USB stick (no, I won’t tell you what they were!), the workshop concluded with many a Corona developer and Barnes & Noble staff quite happy and excited about the prospects of Corona on the NOOK.

As we exited the boardroom, I may or may not have heard a Corona developer and one of the B&N staff members walking off saying “Ted, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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  1. ymmt says:

    Wish Nook Color with CoronaSDK come in Japanese market.

  2. Stefan says:

    I like the phrase “simply get a US bank account and Tax ID …”! How simple is it really for non-US based developers to do that? Do any other developers have actual experience of doing that? If Apple can manage to deal with ‘foreign’ banks surely B&N can too, and more easily than indie developers!

  3. Totally ridiculous. I now won’t be buying a Nook.
    “as foreign bank accounts aren’t always very dependable for B&N to deal with”. Really? Then B&N need to find some staff who understand the international banking system. Not complicated.
    And if B&N are really struggling to understand the international banking system, they can always resort to Paypal, or even Google Checkout, coincidentally run by the same people who run Android.

  4. Liam says:

    Would love to register as a Nook Developer but how do I register a US bank account from Australia?