App of the Week (July 3, 2011): Chickens Quest

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Great gameplay is simply timeless.

Whether it’s Tetris puzzles, Pong, or even a Myst-style adventure, there are certain games that have appeal in any incarnation.

Our latest App of the Week borrows from the Lemmings tradition of gameplay. Embark on the Chickens Quest!

In Chickens Quest, you are tasked with guiding a small flock of baby chicks over obstacles and to a finish line. The gameplay increases in complexity and difficulty as the levels progress, with more nuances like new objects and power-ups being introduced as you get further into the 32 levels.

Even though I mentioned Lemmings above, Chicken Quest isn’t simply a cut-and-paste knock-off. The in-game storyline (especially its quirky cartoon graphics and sound effects) gives you sense of purpose as you guide the hatchlings back home. Also, the game’s scalable difficulty is sure to reel you in as you easily place logs and crates over obstacles at the beginning, but then end up having to incorporate dynamite and other sophisticated maneuvers to beat later levels.

Though I haven’t tried it on one, I feel like Chickens Quest would be especially fun to play on an iPad, particularly if you have young ones to entertain. Go get it in the App Store and try it out! After all, it’s a beautifully drawn and constructed game whose gameplay will certainly keep you coming back to it.

What is it with addictive mobile games involving birds? 😛

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