Doritos Uses Corona SDK to Build First Mobile Game

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Doritos-logoWanna know something cool? Legendary chip-makers Doritos have just released their first-ever mobile game called Dip Desperado.

Wanna know something even cooler?
They used Corona SDK to make it!

The game is part of Doritos’s overall “Dip Desperado” advertising campaign, which features Mexico’s (fictional!) chip-flicking champion, Esteban Ortega.

Created by ACNE Production and Digital Jigaw, Desperado sees players flicking Doritos chips thru obstacles like insects and roadblocks to collect points. In true Corona-made fashion, players can share their scores on Facebook and post their high scores on a worldwide leaderboard.

But bragging rights aren’t all you can win — Doritos also will let players win real-life prizes like a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida; a Silverstone driving experience; movie tickets; and the latest games for  Xbox, or PlayStation, Nintendo Wii from the EA Store.

Surely, that will create a lot of competition on the Desperado leaderboard! 😉

Dip Desperado is available now on iPhone/iPad and Android.
For more details on the legend of Desperado, check out the video below…

…Many thanks and congrats to Doritos and ACNE Production and Digital Jigaw on this tasty new game!

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  1. Josh says:


  2. Dilip Ramirez says:

    It’s a shame it doesn’t run on a 7″ Galaxy Tab 🙁

  3. Andrew Scott says:

    To be honest, the physics in that game are horrible.

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