New Windows Simulator Features

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Windows SimulatorAs of Daily Build 521, the Windows Simulator has been fitted with an iPhone, iPhone4, and iPad skins (as well as a statusbar) to improve the overall desktop “simulation” of your mobile apps.

Remember, only subscribers can take advantage of the latest and greatest being pushed through the Corona SDK Daily Builds…

So what are you waiting for? Become a subscriber today.

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  1. Muhammed says:

    is this build available for IOS indie subscribers only

    • Jonathan Beebe says:

      All subscribers have access to the Daily Builds.

  2. Mo says:

    That’s a great feature! When are we lowly non-subscribers get access to that feature. I have to admit that I will love to get that but it is not a show stopper so not enough to persuade me to subscribe yet…. I need first to get a Mac! Of course i will subscribe when my app gets ready to deploy. How often Ansca Mobile updates the non-subscriber version (windows version)?

    Thanks for a great SDK!


  3. rob says:

    hey guys, I want to write code and use simulator on windows but publish and transfer my ipad applications on mac, 349 is a bit to high for me but I can afford 199 for one of the indie licences. So if i buy the ios licence will i be able to download this new window simulator build for windows as well? thanks

    • Jonathan Beebe says:

      The Daily Builds page is available to subscribers, regardless of the type of license you hold, and you’re given options to download the windows or mac SDK. Subscriptions only affect which platforms you can deploy to/build for.

  4. rob says:

    great! thanks for swift reply, def. buying the licence tonight!

  5. rob says:

    great! thanks for swift reply, def. buying the licence tonight!

  6. rob says:

    hey, so hoqw do i pull up the ipad simulator? just got the ios licence, i am trying to compile one of your sample ipad apps but i can only see it in the old android phone simulation (I am simuating this on windows..) how can i switch to the ipad window? thanks!

  7. rob says:

    ok nevermind, just noticed “view as” the window menu, cheers!

  8. GreenCastle says:

    I subscribed today and got this build. (yay!)

    Here is my question. In my Hello World program, I do a display.newRect( 0, 0, display.contentWidth, display.contentHeight ) and I am noticing (for Apple devices) the status bar is obscuring the top of my rectangle (with partial transparency.) Some of the apps on my iPad are able to completely hide this status bar. How can we?

    • Jonathan Beebe says:

      You have two options here.

      1) Hide the status bar using this line:
      display.setStatusBar( display.HiddenStatusBar )

      2) Detect the height of the status bar and adjust your display objects’ y-position accordingly. Get the height of the status bar using:

      Hope that helps — and congrats on being a new subscriber!

  9. Robert de Boer says:

    So if i want to use the Window simulator, i have to de-authorize the Simulator on the Apple first?

    I want to develop using Windows simulator, but then every time when i want to create a build for the device, i need to do the authorize/de-authorize thing again?

    Why can’t i use the simulator both on Apple and Windows PC?

  10. Olek says:

    I downloaded the new corona sdk and upon opening the software, it’s telling me that it needs to be reauthorized through the internet. After clicking OK, I’m being told that it could not deauthorize the application. and it and i deleted it and tried to re-installing it and it keeps telling me this again and again can you please help me. Thank you.

  11. Jonathan Beebe says:

    For authorization/de-authorization questions or issues, please submit a support request and it’ll be taken care of ASAP: