Corona SDK apps shine in the Amazon Appstore

Not to be outdone by their Android Market counterparts, Corona-made apps in the Amazon Android Appstore also have been making quite a stir!

The Secret of Grisly Manor by Fire Maple Games just peaked at #5 in the top paid apps list on Amazon, which doesn’t come as too much surprise to us since it’s been in Amazon’s top 10 paid apps for the past 12 weeks.

If you have an Android device, be sure to check it out below:

But that’s not all… !

On top of that, Float by Crawl Space Games (again, the paid version!) also is being spotlighted by the Amazon Appstore as one of its most recently popular apps. Again, no surprise to us considering that it has topped over 1.2 million downloads across iOS, Android, and the NOOK Color since its release earlier this year.

Android users can check out Float below:


Yeah, Corona developers are kiiiiind of awesome! :-)

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  1. firemaplegames says:

    Thanks to Ansca for making such great software! You are all kinds of awesome too!

  2. Jerome says:

    Go Corona SDK… Go Corona SDK, it’s your berfday!!!

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