App of the Week (July 17, 2011): ChocoRun

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Ever play a game that drives you crazy?

Like, to the brink of apocalyptic rage as you try to get past its levels? Yet, despite nearly launching your device out of a window or lodging it permanently in the dry wall near you, it’s still impossible for you to just PUT IT DOWN???

Well, that’s ChocoRun our latest App of the Week!

In ChocoRun, you control the pixelated protagonist as he runs and jumps through a whirlwind of classic-looking 8-bit levels. The objective of each level is to 1.) find a key and then 2.) use that key to unlock the exit gate, which is placed elsewhere in the level. Along the way, sharp spikes and buzzsaws will try to chop you into cube-shaped chocobits.

And that’s where the game’s deep, dark secret begins to surface…

Hidden beneath its cute 8-bit graphics and fun, all-ages gameplay lies an interactive experience that can best be described as “mobile meth.” ChocoRun — much like the irresistible treat its titular character is modeled after — is destructively addictive! As you barely fight through each subsequent level, the obstacles become more intense (flying buzzsaws — seriously???) and will push you to the brinks of sanity. The game keeps count of each failed attempt you make at its levels, and marks them as “Deaths” on the title screen — subtly taunting you to keep playing.

The controls are very intrinsically designed and make it easy to get the hang of the gameplay as you touch and hold Choco to make him jump varying heights to clear obstacles. Indeed, it’s ChocoRun‘s classic and accessible allure that easily draws you in — and its diabolical difficulty that will make sure you never stop playing. NEVER!!!! (seriously, can anyone really get through 30 levels of this???)

Check out some gameplay footage of ChocoRun below, and download it over at the App Store… That is, if you can handle it! 😉

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This entry has 5 replies

  1. Khaodik says:

    Great job! Well deserved! Love the app and hope this is more to come!

  2. This is a copy of Super Meat Boy

  3. Mark Zielinski says:

    Looks pretty good

  4. damacon says:

    Isn’t Super Meat Boy a copy of Super Mario Brothers? 🙂

  5. Brian says:

    WTF? Where is the android version?