We shipped, LaunchPad, and the first ever Corona SDK hackathon

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Carlos Icaza, Ansca Mobile

Phew! We did it.

Thanks to all of you, we had a great and smooth release. The most ambitious release to date of our Corona SDK went without a hitch last week.

We got the bits out the door almost perfect — yes, there were some quirks but nothing that would have caused us to recall and stop the release altogether. We are getting there slowly but surely and, with your support and feedback, we have been able to address and fix some last-minute issues that crept up.

I would like to thank the team at inMobi for providing a hotline for our users and for being on top of the forums the day of release and the days after. The team showed up at our offices with beer and food and stayed with us (and you!) until we figured out the solution to some of the ads not showing up properly. and worked diligently in communicating with you about what needed to be done. Gregory Kennedy, Director of Marketing for inMobi even asked me for the phone number of one of our developers to call him personally to learn more about what was it that was causing his glitch. Thank you, inMobi team, for the fast and timely response and support you gave and are giving our developers.

Additionally, we received an e-mail from InMobi’s VP of Global R&M and his message to us was and I quote “I am writing just to let you both know once again that we’re committed to making this integration a huge success. The executive team at InMobi, including the founders of the company, are all watching the situation closely and bringing in whatever resources are needed to help us succeed.” Now that’s what I call a partnership! It is that exact level of communication with their e-staff and dedication is what prompted us to go with inMobi. 🙂

Since we all know that the main feature of the new drop was LaunchPad, I figured I’d share briefly the enormous tidal wave of email I have received from all of you completely taken by surprise by it and your support of this service. As stated on a previous blog, we cannot be successful if you are not successful, and together we are going to work hard to get you big-time exposure. We are working with PapayaMobile to see how we can bring some of your apps into the Papaya social gaming network and raise awareness of your app. We’re also looking into other offerings currently in the pipeline — basically, there is much more to come on the LaunchPad service!

By the way, just to let you know how great the LaunchPad service is, we got over 1 million transactions recorded yesterday and over 5 million events. Borrowing a line from the movie Jaws, “I think we are going to need bigger servers!”

Also, we are having the first ever Corona SDK Hackathon being sponsored inMobi, PapayaMobile and us. You could win cold, hard cash — we’ve got over $5,000 in cash and prizes in the Ansca Treasure Chest! So, hurry up and register already as the seats are selling out fast. Visit the event page to learn more about it and sign up. Don’t think, just do it! I will personally be there to make sure it is lots of fun. 😀

Last, but not least, what’s next? What’s next for the Corona SDK and team Ansca? What’s on the agenda? Well, we have been monitoring your issues/bugs/quirks since we shipped and we just issued build #601 for our subscribers with a bunch of new fixes (yep, Daily Builds are back!). We are going to continue to monitor the bits as well as tally up what’s on the Roadmap page and start ripping into the most desired features and once I get that done, we will let you know what we are going to be working on and, as always, throw in a few surprises here and there just like we did this release!

And, don’t forget, I will start hinting as usual — lets see how good you are at guessing them this time around. I may throw in a prize if anyone nails it with the first set of hints I sent out. 😉

Having said a mouthful, as always, I look forward to your feedback and know you’ll continue to amaze us with your apps.


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This entry has 6 replies

  1. DW says:

    I’ve heard rumors the InMobi ads only work on the iPhone. Is this no longer they case? Do they work on Android?

  2. Regarding the hints;

    * The first image represents the Wizard of Oz ,a story where the scarecrow wants a brain.
    * The second image is a dolphin, among the worlds most intelligent animals.
    * The final image being a Ferrari formula 1 car representing speed and quality.

    Are you building in some kind of artificial intelligence engine?

  3. Or an alternative interpretation if the three images represent separate improvements;

    * Wizard of oz -> Brain -> Storage (not intelligence) -> CoreData/Sqlite integration/improvements
    * Dolphin -> Codename of Java 7 release -> Build Java app (although I don’t see the business value)
    * Ferrari -> Performance improvements

  4. Shojiki says:

    Fast, fluid… Pathing? 🙂

  5. Kausik says:

    Let me guess… Liquid physics, 2.5d animation and… Damn, I cannot guess the first one yet. I’ll keep thinking.

    PS: add webOS support please.

  6. XenonBL says:

    Yellow Brick Road (gold) to Emerald City – Some kind of monetization feature. Perhaps iAd integration?

    Flipper swimming in the pool…hmmm… That water ripple looks nice , some kind of shader technology ?

    Formula One, Grand Prix… Performance improvements would be nice. But I’ll go out on a limb and guess it’s something to improve the speed of developing an app. So, an integrated dev. environment with syntax checkin/ auto complete and visual debugger??