App of the Week (August 14, 2011): MixZle

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As mobile developers, chances are that none of us are too good at sports. Sure, we might be fans, but when it comes to throwing the long ball or executing a 360º slam dunk.

But what we may lack in calf muscles we make up for in brain power, and now we can put it to great use playing our latest App of the Week — the hoop-shooting puzzle game MixZle.

Yes, with MixZle, you can make stadiums full of crowds roar as you dazzlingly slam a basketball through a hoop — well, not really. Actually, it’s a nifty, physics-based mosaic puzzle game that will massage your brain in order to put the ball into the net. Each of the 100+ levels presents you with a different array of objects and tools (somewhat like Bubble Ball) that you must arrange to carom the ball into the hoop.

As you advance further into the game, the levels turn into complicated puzzles that you must solve in only a handful of attempts lest you get the dreaded “game over” sign. Nevertheless, you can always select  just how complicated (or forgiving) the game is through its very handy options, allowing you to choose from between three to seven balls that you can use in each level before you’re forced to feverishly try again.

In other words, this game is addictive and will keep you busy!

One last fun fact about this game is that it was made by Drix Entertainment, an indie mobile app studio out of Brazil — the Land of Lua! 😉

You can see MixZle in action below, and go get it in the App Store or Android Market.

Shoot and SCORE!!! 🙂

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  1. Marty says:

    Very innovative little game :D. I was hoping my app cuball was going to be app of the week :s. Maybe next time haha.

    Good game hope it does well :D.

  2. Paulo says:

    Ansca, thank you so much!!!

  3. Great job on the trailer video!

  4. Eric says:

    Good job Drix! Mixzle is a lot of fun. it’s more challenging than I anticipated as well. The level of polish sets the bar high for other Corona games. Keep of the good work!

  5. Emilio A says:

    Excellent game! just a suggestion. In the real tile plastic games where you arrange numbers from 1 thru 15. If you have in a row 3 tiles and space: [1][2][3] _ and you want to move the number one 1 tile to the right like _ [1][2][3] you only have to select tile [1] and SWIPE to the right so tiles [2][3] will be pushed by tile [1]. But in your game to have the same effect you have to move one tile at a time: first [1][2] _ [3], [1] _ [2][3] and finally _ [1][2][3].
    If you can add this SWIPE motion that will faster and easier to the users!

  6. Jose says:


    Great game. Your support form in your site isn’t working for some reason. Enviame un mensaje a digeratus at gmail dot com cuando este disponible.


  7. Danillo Vellozo says:

    Nice game! Congrats…

    Gostaria de parabenizar a equipe pelo jogo divertido e inteligente nascido aqui no Brasil!
    Estou estudando o Corona ja faz algum tempo e espero um dia poder terminar um projeto como esse.


  8. Paulo says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Emilio, good suggestion (already registered for a future update) Thanks!

    Jose, we are solving the problem in our Support page. For while, here are some contact emails:

    Danillo, segue em frente com determinação que você faz a coisa acontecer 😉 Sucessos!