A few words from us regarding WebOS…

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Oh boy, what a day!

You may be wondering why are we writing a blog post about WebOS, newly ditched, and not about the Googorola (Google Γ— Motorola) deal. Well, for Googorola it was no brainer — it’s still Android after the deal is signed, and our Corona SDK obviously still supports Android. So, it wasn’t blog-worthy.

But WebOS? Carlos, are you serious???

Well, it should not come as a surprise that we’re always looking for ways to help you monetize your apps. Thus, looking at alternative platforms is something we do continually to get as many users as possible to play and engage with your apps developed with Corona.

Our premise from day one has been cross-platform. And by using Corona, you are pretty much looking at two clowns who not only have a passion for programming, but a passion to make you successful developers across current platforms as well as emerging platforms.

So, rather than bore you with words, I will let Walter show you what I mean.

Stick with Corona, and your apps will go places — including marketplaces! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Carlos Icaza says:

    Don’t need sound. We got Corona SDK working on a Palm Device. That’s the purpose of the video, to show you that we can pretty much get Corona on any platform. With Corona your app will go [market] places.

  3. Wow awesome! I would love to publish some stuff on the Web OS, I would rather have Windows 7 phones but whatever. How many people actually own a web os phone?

  4. Honestly, I could care less about the Palm device if it’s going to be only for Mac. πŸ˜› If it’s for Windows too though I’ll be more than happy to develop with Corona on it. πŸ˜€ I’m sad that I can’t develop on iOS with Windows though. πŸ˜› And I agree with Jordan about the Windows 7 phones. Unless those will only be for Mac. That would be just soooo upsetting…

  5. Rodolfo Baeza says:

    Hi Carlos, are there any plans on supporting WP7 deployment?

  6. Alex says:

    I agree Jordan. Only Windows to go now. The Nokia deal will made Windows Phone more appealing in several countries. Hope Ansca will bring their magic there too.

  7. Radamanthus Batnag says:

    I’m really glad you guys did not pursue this road even if you already had the technology figured out. That would only have been a resource drain for you and a distraction for us developers.

  8. Alvin says:

    Thats great. But my biggest pest peeve is that I can’t choose the services that I want.
    Tapjoy? GameCenter? Mobclix? etc?

  9. Trausti Thor says:

    I love this. Hope WebOS will be available in Scandinavia soon

  10. ckausik says:

    What a day for this post! I still hope HTC or Samsung or someone else will buy webOS before it completely shelved and replace “crapoid” eventually. I have been an early user of Palm and webOS. It’s a very sad day! πŸ™

  11. Mark says:

    This looks good, now we need Windows Phone 7 and Mac app store support too. Also now that the daily builds have pauseable timers we need pausable transitions too… πŸ™‚

  12. Paul Osburn says:

    I think the main point here is that Ansca is all about cross-platform. I also think that you guys have made good choices so far in setting priorities of what to support and when to do it. WP7, Mac OS … whatever. I trust that you guys will make the right decisions.

    Onward …

  13. WauloK says:

    I guessed Ansca were going to support WebOS and I got it right πŸ˜€

  14. Jayant C Varma says:

    Show us a video that you have been able to run coronaSDK on a windows7 phone…. that will be awesome. An Eulogy video is no fun, had this video been shown earlier, it would have been more fun to wait and bigger feeling of devastation when HP would have killed webOS.


  15. David says:

    That’s fine.. But I would prefer real Gamecenter implementation, iAds, etc. over the ability to build my app for a pretty irrelevant OS. That’s the reason why I did not buy Corona yet.

    • Hetal says:

      ^ You’re missing the point.

      He’s showing how we could have easily added Corona support for WebOS, but didn’t because we always want to make sure you guys (our users) are presented with the best and most dependable opportunities for your mobile apps, rather than diluting their worth with a “throw it everywhere and hope something sticks” approach to mobile platforms.

  16. Carlos Icaza says:

    Love the comments. But let me see, HP pretty much announced today they killed webOS. So I decided to show you guys that we had a working prototype of Corona working natively on a Palm device.

    Since HP pretty much killed webOS, there is no point in us moving forward on a prototype we built back in May, a month prior to HP launching the TouchPad, it took Walter less than a day to have it working.

    Now, suppose the TouchPad had become or garnered enough momentum to really make a play in the mobile marketplace, suppose that it showed promised and started eating away at Android, or whoever, we would have been called geniuses. You all would have been clamoring for webOS and by this time frame we would have been handing out beta’s to select few of you.

    It is a mute point now. But the one thing that is not, is the message I tried convey. Stick with Corona, and your apps will go to different market places. And all you would have had to do is build for some new platform.

    Had WebOS taken off, your current apps would have found a new app store where you would have gotten more sales, exposure and what not from your app. And without having to recode most if not all of it.

    That’s what this blogpost is about — I wanted to show you two things:
    1.) We don’t just sit here and wait for the next tidal wave to happen, just as me and Walter are engaged with you guys individually, we are also engaged with Fortune 500 companies in trying to get your app more distribution with possible additional revenue stream.
    2.) We certainly are not afraid to try things out because, you saw today, things moves at the speed of light. And that’s why you believe in us — because, after all, we are the ones who take the brunt of porting our Corona SDK to new platforms, so you can reap the rewards with minor or zero tweaks on whatever new platform will exist in the near or distant future.



  17. Thy says:

    Nicely said Carlos! Enjoying the platform you’ve built every day!

  18. ^ There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the most in-touch co-founder in all of technology today. How many other companies do you know of who actually listen to their users so closely and stand at the front lines advocating for their own developers success? Not many. Carlos, I salute you my friend. Keep on fighting the good fight. To everyone else: get on the bandwagon! Corona IS the present and the future of mobile platform development. These guys spend each and everyday in front of laundry lists full of their own users every wants and needs. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Ansca is a company shaped by it’s USERS, plain and simple. Support those who support you!!! πŸ™‚ Cheers, Chris B.

  19. Jayant C Varma says:

    just wondering it that moot point or mute point?

  20. Ingemar says:

    That’s just awesome!
    It’s great to know that you guys are on the ball and taking Corona to new heights (and us developers with you).
    It looks like that whenever a new platform starts to rise on the mobile horizon, you’ll already have an SDK available for us developers to build with…

  21. Michael says:

    So when did you add the last platform to Corona SDK? Quite a while, right? Almost 18 months ago? I asked a few months ago if Corona will support desktop apps for OSX and windows soon, because it is required for a project we have.

    I got (like always) a nice hint from Carlos, just wait for the next big drop. Guess what happend. Nothing in this part so far. Even with the next release. My suggestion for people who wait for developing desktop apps with Corona…. move on. You will wait forever.

    What I don’t understand is that it looks like there is quit a demand for OSX and WIN. And ANSCA says that they need just a day or two to get Corona running on a new platform. They already have the simulators running on both platforms. So why don’t you add them?

  22. tyler says:

    From what I understand, they can’t get native access on WP7. So, Corona would have to be implemented on top of XNA, which is not a good option *for corona* in terms of performance and cross platform compatibility.

  23. Janos says:

    I agree, desktop OSX apps should be the next and would be great!

  24. Amuthan says:

    So if WebOS is successfully licensed to a player, say, HTC, Nokia, or Samsung and “showed promise and starts eating away at Android” as you say Carlos, then we can expect a beta version of Corona SDK to be ported to WebOS within days as ” it took Walter less than a day to have it working”. I will remember these words Carlos and I have no doubt you will follow through. That is why I paid for Corona, you never stand still, always making it better and better because you know from our heros in the mobile space how easy it is to lose market share.