This past week saw a lot of crazy changes in the mobile development arena. From “Googorola” to WebOS, we were reminded just how on-the-ball one must be to stay alive in this space. New developments are always happening, and new mobile platforms are always emerging and fading.

So, in the spirit of tapping into the greater Corona Community mindshare, we ask you…

Who do you think will be the next to rise or fall in the mobile wars?

…I sure hope our comments section is ready for this! :-D

  1. Amazing! I love the image. XD I believe Apple will rise according to this image because of the obvious fact that he has 4 light sabers and Android has 2… But honestly I think they will both stay up until the next big advancement in technology hits, and that may be the icebreaker.

  2. Rodolfo Baeza says:

    I think Microsoft have a good chance to gain some marketshare with WP7 and the help of Nokia. BTW i also think RIM is the next one to fall. Nice pic!

  3. Windows phone WP7 is growing, they have some deal with Nokia and have been projected by analysts to possibly give Android a real run for their money. We should see $49 and possibly even free WP7 phones in the next year. The interface is loved by everyone who has tried it.

    Why don’t you guys make an engine for XNA – WP7? Right now the only engine we have is Sunburn. While it is very nice, it’s also pretty intimidating.

    I have two WP7 games I have made with ad support and make $100-$200 a week on them. I am now shooting for breaking the top 10 where some guys are making over $200 a day on ad support.

  4. I am with everyone else. For Mobile WP7 will keep growing. Depending on what google does. Android might go down a bit. I think the tablet market will be owned by iPad for the foreseable future.
    The big question is actually HTML5. I was at the GDC and I saw some social games from Wooga running very well on it, you saw no difference from their main product.

    I think HTML5 will change a bit the appstores dynamics. Wish Corona was prepared to make the leap to HTML5 and also give us a way to release to the web and also Mac AppStore.

  5. Put a application up for sale in the Android market, recompile and put the same app in itunes. It should not take more than a day or two to firmly convince yourself who the winner will be. By the time you finish the compile you have already lost precious development time. WebOS is toast and I don’t look for html5 to be a game changer very soon. Apple wins when it comes to performance and performance counts when you are working with small devices.

  6. I Vote Windows Phone 7 as the third Corona ecosystem.

    It is gaining popularity on US and Europe and right now there’s few competition on 2D game engine there. You guys could even become a M$ partner while doing so ;)?

  7. +1 for WP7 tooo!!!! Cept, do you think M$ would REALLY let Corona in? I mean XNA is their baby and all, like it or not. I prefer Corona over XNA any day due to the awesome ease of use of Corona.

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