I Heart Corona SDK

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Howdy all!

We’re super excited about the imminent Corona Hackathon — and so apparently are you guys! A bunch of you have actually flown into town to participate! Some of you have reached out to help us with video streaming for the participants from all over the world.

From all this outpouring of enthusiasm, we thought there really needs to be a place for you all to share your story — to tell us why Corona means so much to you. So we created a dedicated site http://iheartcoronasdk.com so you can do just that.

[Update 1] All you have to do is create a video where you share you story, upload it to YouTube, and tag it with iheartcoronasdk and it will automatically show up. (And please no spam videos, i.e. videos that are mere demo’s of your app. This is about you telling your story.)

And since we’re doing the hackathon this weekend, we thought we’d turn this into a little contest. Two lucky winners will win a free 1 year extension (or upgrade) to their existing subscription. One will be chosen at random; the other will be chosen by the Ansca team.

[Update 2] Contest ends Tues, Sept 6 12:00pm PST (i.e. after labor day weekend)


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This entry has 6 replies

  1. Clement says:

    When does the contest end?

  2. slushe says:

    New blog layout is annoying. I just want to scan through content and can’t now. Reading the blog requires multiple clicks now. Less is more…

  3. Walter says:

    @slushe, RSS feed available here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AnscaMobileBlog

  4. Walter says:

    @Clement, ends on Tues Sept 6

  5. Lance says:

    Do the winners receive a new corona license if they do not have one yet?

  6. Lance says:

    So… when is this going to be judged? 😀