The #CoronaHackathon liveblog!

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We’re a few hours deep into today’s Corona SDK Hackathon here, in the heart of San Francisco.

You can follow the details as they unfold in real-time over on the #CoronaHackathon hashtag, or catch some of the visual highlights below, as I add them.

Also, if you’re hacking away virtually, feel free to send me photos of you building your magnificent creations. I’ll post the best pics of our virtual hackathon participants up here, as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aerial shot of the #CoronaHackathon floor -- looks kinda like the NYSE floor!

Walter and Jon Beebe giving a crash course on Corona SDK to #CoronaHackathon newbies.

Team Ansca (Alix is on the far left) is patrolling the #CoronaHackathon, helping participants with any problems that arise.

A must-have for any hackathon -- giant tables!

This guy definitely is up to no good!

Teamwork trumps all!

This team of three preferred a couch over a giant table.


@FullyCroisened taking a game from retro (1970's) to mobile (2010's).

@TylerMakesGames and buddy Will (not @WillMakesGamesToo) of Phoenix, Arizona show off their progress on iPad.

Norway's @Monkeybin sent us this 3D panorama of their office during #CoronaHackathon.

Beanbag enthusiast Craig Janis (@CJanis) looking like a stock photo at home in Provo, Utah during #CoronaHackathon.


And here’s some on-site footage shot by Greg of InMobi

All in all, it was a killer time! Winners post coming tomorrow (Monday) morning… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. kk says:

    Will it be upload the crash course provided by Walter and Jon Beebe in CoronaHackathon.
    I’m also a newbie too but I can’t join this time.

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