Recap: Winners from our first-ever #CoronaHackathon

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Well, we certainly are pooped from this past weekend’s #CoronaHackathon festivities, but we must say it was totally worth it! The 37 apps (20 from the floor, 17 from virtual attendees worldwide) we saw made in less than 12 hours completely floored us. All in all, witnessing the day’s events proved to us yet again that we have the best developers (that’s you!) on the planet! 🙂

Of course, this isn’t rec league soccer… So, let’s get to the winners!


Honorable Mentions

1.) ChipmusicDiscovery by Ken, John, and Jordan
Touted as a “community music player” that also incorporated InMobi ads. Not too shabby!


2.) Milton’s Last Day by Phuong (Enlevel Studio) and Brandon (Vanilla Progress)
A nifty enemy-dodging game based on the awesomest character from the movie Office Space.



1.) Gold Digger by Greg and Chris
This one was especially impressve given its animation, graphics, and solid gameplay — all created during the 12-hour hackathon span!


2.) NapKeeper by J.A. Whye of GameDevNation
Jay was our first remote participant (Alaska!) to win that night. Pure genius…


Grand Prize

Polar Wing by Crossman (web site)

This was our other remote winner of the night — and he just happened to take the GRAND PRIZE! A classic Galaga-style game with a nifty color-changing twist. The judges couldn’t put it down in the Decision Room!


All in all, we had a friggin’ blast seeing what you guys created, and honestly wished we had made more award categories to recognize all the ones we liked. Some hackathons last an entire weekend or, at least, 24 hours — but ours was barely 12 hours and we saw some tremendous talent flexed even with such a small timeframe!


So… When do you think we should have the next #CoronaHackathon? 😉

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This entry has 8 replies

  1. J. A. Whye says:

    Thanks to Ansca Mobile, InMobi, and PapayaMobile for sponsoring the Hackathon, and special thanks to Hetal for helping us remote devs feel like a part of the action with the UStream feed!

    Very cool, Ansca, and I hope for the next one maybe I can be there in person.


  2. Boydy says:

    “So… When do you think we should have the next #CoronaHackathon?” – Tomorrow.

  3. Mo says:

    Your app is so funny Jay! Very clever.

    +1 for Hetal. I found myself whatching him showing us around while I was coding my own app. It was almost like I was there. Thanks Yes a portable hires camera would have been perfect for that type of streaming. Still it was fun to watch.

    I am sorry I did not register for the on-site or remote in time. It look like it was a blast. I will be sure to join next year!

  4. Manuel Costa says:

    Congratulations for the hackaton! Unfortunately we were unable to participate but we will surely try to be there for the next one!

    I would also like to ask something a bit off topic. I can see on the Chipmusic Discovery app that it uses inMobi ads. I have tried setting them up on my application and I’m having some trouble, can the developer of that app get in touch with me or someone else experienced with them. We can talk on #corona channel on freenode (IRC), my nickname is “Manuel_CI”. Or mail me at mane [at]


  5. Scott says:

    Were these to be posted as open source? I would love to learn from the best of the best in the Corona Community.

  6. Thank you everyone! InMobi had a great time and we can’t wait to sponsor this event next year.

    Gregory Kennedy

  7. So, when do we get to see more of and play Milton’s Last Day? That looks like a fun game 😀

  8. Phuong Vo says:

    @Ricardo Graca
    Thanks for the comment on Milton’s Last Day. We are still debating if we could finish the game anytime soon. Might have to hold off on it till a later date.

    BTW, the Magic Defender trailer looks wicked!