MOAR!!! (Mother Of All Recaps) #CoronaHackathon

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Okay, so you saw the live recap of our hackathon this past Saturday, and then you also saw yesterday’s recap of the winners.

But there’s sooo much MOAR!!!!!

Below, you’ll find a few blogs kept by other #CoronaHackathon attendees. We couldn’t possibly have caught every single nuance of the day’s events in our posts, so it’s nice to have many different sides of the story.


The @FullyCroisened team came all the way from Nebraska to attend the hackathon in-person. They made a nifty little retro football game dubbed 'Throwback Football.' If you grew up in the 70's like these guys, you MUST check out their post!

@JAWhye participated remotely from Alaska, and his app ended up taking home a runner-up prize! Definitely take a look at all the dirty details that he lays out in his review of the hackathon.


Lance was part of a team that created a gravity-based game called 'Jetpack J.' Check out his step-by-step recap of how he fared with that, including progress they've made on the game since the hackathon.


Greg is the marketing brains behind our #CoronaHackathon co-sponsor InMobi. He was recapping the entire thing via liveblog from the start, and also made a nifty little video to accompany it all! (embedded below)


If you have a recap that you’d like added to this list, send us a link and we’ll put it up here too. 🙂


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