App of the Month (August 2011): Dabble

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This month saw an exceptional lot of apps being picked as our App of the Week. From the exceptionally beautiful graphics of Magic Defenders and The Patriots to the brain-massaging appeal of MixZle and Dabble. With such a diverse array of games, it’s extremely hard to pick one out to put above the rest.

Ultimately, we focused on looking for one crucial characteristic: longevity. Even though all of these games were excellently made and fun to play, there’s only one that you could expect to pick up and play years down the line — and that game is Dabble!

Perhaps no accident considering its backstory, Dabble struck us as a game with all-ages appeal. Since it’s modeled after a  classic-style board game (which is very successful in its own right) the app’s broad spectrum of potential players shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. It’s got a great head-to-head social element about it too, which makes it a great “party game” that you could lay out on an iPad with friends.

Also, we were informed just today by developers Flashy Substance that Dabble is now available on Android. Soon, nobody will have an excuse not to try this game out and potentially pull it back up a few years down the line! 😉

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  1. Eric says:

    For a game with no “levels” and few achievements its still incredibly addicting. Great job devs!

  2. Punya Huxter says:

    Congrats flashy substance! Well deserved.

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